How to set up sending a low stock notification for Magento 2 admin

Making a sustainable store that trades goods online is not as effortless as a pie. A manager has to devote his time to various tasks, including stock numbers, arranging shipments, ensuring the demand is close to supply, etc. On the track of solving those and other tasks, a store may find itself in a situation where some items are inaccessible for sale.

Typically the storekeepers of any web-based endeavor face challenges in stock administration. This applies to any endeavor, be it a huge or small store. It is quite normal for each web-based store to have its items unavailable to clients.

Unavailable items make an adverse consequence for clients. When guests see such an item, they become unhappy, which increments a relinquishment rate for purchases due to out of stock item status, resulting in lost deals. To manage these unavailable items, you can propose back in stock notices to transform any possible client into a real one and bring customers back.

Manage low-quantity notifications in the default configuration

Warning on the current low stock level is the message a manager may receive when a salable stock drops to a basic edge. The system permits the trader to design these notices sent on the low amounts from a few areas of the admin panel:

  • The Notify for Quantity Below field. Find this option on the Stores configuration menu when the Settings tab is opened, and the manager navigates to Configuration > Catalog > Inventory > Product Stock Options. This configuration field sets the default setting universally for all items for the whole site.

  • The Advanced Inventory Notify for Quantity Below field (Catalog > Products > specific product > Advanced Inventory) overrides the value set at the website/store level. The value applies to all of the product’s sources.

  • The Notify Quantity fields (Catalog > Products > specific product > Assigned Sources section) override all other settings. The merchant can assign a different threshold for each source for the specific product.

Magento deducts either the global or the overriding quantity from the total salable quantity for the stock.

The REST low-quantity notification endpoints manage merchants' values from the Notify Quantity fields.

How to get a daily summary of low stock by email.

If you are using Advanced Reports Magento 2 you will be able to create a custom report for Low Stock. Try looking at demo store to see an example of such a report.

After the report has been created, you can schedule an automatic submission to be sent to your email. This will allow you to regularly receive accurate information about your store's balances.

Planning your inventory supply

You need to take extra care in inventory supply planning. Purchasing enough products to avoid overstocking or premature sales will help you maximize profits and leverage your warehouse space.

You can't plan out your inventory in Magento by default. Instead, you have to use either a dedicated spreadsheet or external platforms. Unfortunately, both of these options take too much time to set up and manage.

Solution: The Inventory Planner module automatically calculates inventory forecasts. With this extension, you'll always know which products, when, and in what quantities you should replenish, as well as which products are currently in surplus.

Using the module, a store manager won't have to arrange or compute anything by himself. The software is so shrewd that it'll make forecasts without help from anyone else! Use it to acquire advantages such as:

  • Optimize the stock planning procedures;
  • Get confidence in scheduling inventory replenishments;
  • Overstocked items identification becomes easy;
  • Works without any setup after installation;
  • Product catalog size does not influence working speed.