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Compatible with: Community: 1.5.0 - 1.9.3
Enterprise: 1.11 - 1.14.2

Sales analytics is applied in order to determine, understand and predict sales trends. Good analytics is required for successful sales management.

Sales analytics is applied in order to determine, understand and predict sales trends. It helps to find the ways to improve sales. Good analytics is required for successful sales management.

The Advanced Reports extension provides tools of choice, which ensure a timely conduct of versatile analysis of your sales.

The following reports are available:

  • Sales or so-called general magento sales report.

    It allows you to see the net sales, discounts, returns etc.

    The use of such a tool will enable you to group data by days, weeks, months, years.

    Also with magento report extension, you can compare the aforementioned data with a similar period from the past.

  • Sales report by hour of day, which is an hourly sales report.

    You can detect the hours of which your shop's is personnel is overloaded to the maximum extent. This will allow you to plan working hours as well as perform possible updates to your shop.

  • Sales report by day of week, which is a weekly sales report.

  • Sales report by customer group, which is a sales report generated over different user groups.

    Using such a tool, you can determine the efficiency and extent of your work with different user groups.

  • Sales report by country, which is the report that reflects sale volumes in different countries achieved during a definite period of time.

  • Sales report by state, Sales report by city

  • Sales report by payment method allows you to define the popularity extent of different payment methods.

  • Sales report by coupon is the report which allows you to gain knowledge regarding which coupons are the most favorable in terms of sales volume and which ones should be presented in a better way.

  • New vs Returning customers is the report which allows you to make a comparative analysis of new customers (first order) with returning customers (two or more orders) by sales.

  • Sales report by customer shows the total sales, number of orders from each customer.

  • Sales report by category is a complete sales magento report by category tree.

  • Sales report by Geo-data New - unique report, which is based on zip codes from shipping addresses.

  • Bestsellers provides information regarding the best-selling products, which can be sorted by the amount of sold products, sales volume, discount etc.

    Additionally you can group products by parent product (for configurable, grouped and bundled products)

  • Sales by product attributes (by manufacturer, brands, colours etc.) is the unique report, which allows to derive grouped data on any attribute of a product of interest.

    For instance, you can get information with regard to sales on each brand, category, colour or supplier.

    Report allows you to locate the most perspective types of the products in order to expand their range further.

  • Sales by product attribute set

  • Low stock report

  • Report by product reviews

  • Average Shipping Time report

Useful Features:

  • ability to compare data with previous periods.
  • ability to filter by store view.
  • ability to order and filter reports by any column.
  • ability to export reports to CSV, MS Excel.
  • ability to export charts to JPEG, PNG, GIF.

Advanced Dashboard

Apart from systematic analysis, it is very important to have all the key indices in hand. In such a case, one will always be able to instantly access them and check how well the set goals regarding the sales are being achieved.

The Advanced Reports module allows you to place widgets with all the key metrics in the dashboard of your store. Versatile widgets will help you to trace your sales performance in real-time.

The types of widgets are available as follows:

  • sales metrics (revenue, discounts, shipping, tax, number of orders etc.)

  • sales chart (number of orders, number of ordered products, revenue)

  • list of latest orders

  • list of latest search terms

  • list of popular search terms



For each widget, you will be able to select a period for the date of choice such as today, last 24h, yesterday, current week, last 7 days, current month, last 30 days, current year, lifetime etc

You can move widgets and change their size in order to locate them in the best possible way.

Additionally, you can schedule to sendreports via email.

The Advanced Reports will collect all the necessary sales data in one place. You will be able to better understand your current results and find ways to improve performance of your sales and marketing.

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  • Added "Sales by Coupon" widget
  • Accelerated "Lowstock" widget


  • Fixed "quarter" and "previous quarter" time intervals
  • Fixed a method for determining the New/Returned customer for "Not Logged In" customer
  • Compatibility with MySQL 5.7 default mode 'ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY'




  • Added filter by category level to "Sales by Category" widget
  • Added filter by "products" column to Customer > Customers report
  • Added "Conversation rate" column to Products/Bestsellers report
  • Added "Is Active" column to "Sales by Category" report
  • Added column "View Orders" to "Sales by Country" report
  • Added column "View Orders" to "Sales by Customer" report
  • Added drop-down menu to the filter by payment type


  • Fixed "Products" column in "Customer > Customers" report for the case when the product was removed from admin panel
  • Renamed a column "Credit Card Type" to avoid duplication




  • #28 - Reduse time for advr_geo_copy_unknown cron task
  • Added ability to see orders with a specific coupon (to "Sales by Coupon" report)


  • group Sales by Customer report by customer email


  • properly count totals - totals wrong when order have multiple invoices




  • Optimized SQL queries for "Bestsellers and "Low stock" widgets


  • Fixed an issue with Sales by Category widget




  • Accelerated "Catalog" reports
  • Added filtering and sorting to the Invoice column of "Sales > Orders" report
  • Added time filtering to Visits columns of "Catalog > Products/Bestsellers" report
  • Added ADVR translate file
  • Added the ability to build the geo-report for both the billing address and the shipping address
  • Added "Not Logged In" group to Sales > Orders report
  • Added "Sales by Shipping Method" widget
  • Added "Sales by Customer Group" widget
  • Added "Sales by Category" widget
  • Added dashboard filter by "Customer Group"


  • Fixed links to the orders at Orders report with group data by Date of Invoice creating
  • Added rounding of column Average Items Ordered
  • Added "Sales by Shipping Method" report to ACL
  • Modified method of acounting of bundle child products ("Catalog > Products/Bestsellers" report)
  • Fixed an issue with the date "2017-01-01" with grouping by week at Sales reports
  • Fixed an issue with column sorting in "Sales by Category" report
  • Fixed an issue with account of virtual products in "Bestsellers" widget




  • #72 - Added "Total" to Sales > Orders report


  • #87 Fix problem with viewing the details of a large number of orders




  • Use browser's local storage to keep status of dashboard lock
  • Apply store filter to Reviews report
  • Catalog reports unified




  • Added documentation




  • Added Google JS Geo Keys
  • Added widget "Low Stock"
  • Added ability to show all products in Low Sales report


  • Fixed an issue where the filter by order status is applied for the "Orders" report (affects from 1.0.17)




  • Fixed labels for Geo-data report




  • Added export callback to created_at column




  • In some cases the chart widgets show charts and data from another chart widgets (affects all)


  • Apply all the filters when clicking the link 'View Orders' at the 'Sales' report




  • Added the ability to start week on Sunday in "Sales by Day of Week" report




  • Added ability to filter reports by invoice date


  • Fixed an issue with calculation the quantity of ordered products at the report Sales by Category
  • Fixed week period when report shows by week




  • Fixed filter data storage when changing localization




  • PHP Fatal error: Redefinition of parameter $row in callback method (affects all)




  • ADVR-126 - Added sorting of "Products/Bestsellers" report by "Gross Profit" (in percents)




  • ADVR-117 - Added "Sales By Credit Card Type" report
  • ADVR-116 - Added Registered vs Unregistered Customers report


  • ADVR-119
  • Corrected the calculation of order quantity in Customer / Customer report




  • Corrected link to the product page in Bestseller widget (affects from 1.0.10)




  • ADVR-101 - Added "Sales by Tax Rates" report


  • ADVR-98 Corrected dashboard response
  • Fixed failure of timezone accounting


  • Ability to set sort order and direction for widget bestsellers




  • Added Morocco Geo Data




  • Added Average Price column to Product/Detail report
  • ADVR-95 - Performance improvement for the customers report




  • Fixed issue of loading widgets (affects from 1.0.6)




  • ADVR-99 Problem with currency if the report contains orders in different currencies




  • ADVR-106 Ability to choose sort field and direction for widget 'Last search terms'
  • ADVR-103 New report 'Sales by Shopping Cart Price Rules'


  • Use correct type for datetime fields


  • ADVR-90 Test for checking existence of the extension 'Enhanced Admin Grids'
  • Ignore tz for widget 'Bestsellers'




  • ADVR-105 Ability to manually send widget notifications




  • ADVR-97 -- Wrong sort order in order-related widgets


  • Column gross profit for report Sales / Orders




  • ADVR-94 -- Wrong values if customer has multiple addresses (affects from 1.0.1)
  • Use given attribute instead of the column sales_order_table.created_at
  • ADVR-80 -- Wrong values in report Sales by Category (affects from 1.0.1)
  • Fixed an issue with json decode (PHP7)
  • Fixed an issue with notification time set (11:30AM, 12:00AM)


  • ADVR-96 done Display chart for report Advanced Reports / Sales / Orders
  • Sort widgets from left to right, from top to bottom and use this order for notifications
  • ADVR-92 -- Columns 'Created At' and 'Updated At' for product-related reports
  • Show chart at the report lowstock and allow to include childs
  • Added ability to select columns for bestsellers widget
  • Added Bestsellers widget to dashboard




  • Fixed an issue with js error in report sales/orders (add_filter_by does not exists)
  • Fixed issue with filter by product name
  • Fixed an issue while filtering reports, when filter data contains empty string or null or false
  • ADVR-85 -- Color issue with column chart
  • ADVR-84 -- New column Product Cost
  • ADVR-82 -- Issue with address columns in the report Customers > Customers


  • ADVR-81 -- Report: Sales by Shipping Method
  • Rows with totals for report Orders/Plain

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