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Advanced Sphinx Search Pro replaces the default search with the Sphinx-powered search. Therefore, the search works faster and search results are much more relevant. Using a Sphinx search engine increases conversion of visitors who look up the product on the website by more than 50%!

Product search connects your products to the shoppers searching for them, helping you drive sales to your store. On average, 20% of visitors use the search bar. These are the visitors who know what they want and are looking to buy. These visitors make up half of your revenue. That is why the quality and speed of product search significantly affects the sales. All these tasks are performed by Magento Advanced Search extension.

Advanced Sphinx Search Pro can significantly improve the speed and quality of search results. This Magento search module replaces Magento's standard search with the search of an enterprise level provided by Sphinx.

How does it work?

Sphinx search engine indexes the database products of the Magento store and gathers the necessary information for searching to a special data storage. When a user creates a search in the online store, our Magento Advanced Search module refers to the Sphinx's search query to obtain search results and displays them to a user. Everything happens very quickly.

Main Features

  • Significantly improved search relevance (quality)
  • Google-like search syntax
  • Product attributes weighting
  • Supports morphological word form dictionaries (like Solr or Lucene search engine)
  • Supports stemming (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, German, Dutch, Russian, Swedish and Czech are available for Sphinx)
  • Built-in dictionary of synonyms (60730 words)
  • Built-in dictionary of stopwords (665 words)
  • Search products by tags
  • Search products by category names
  • Search products by associated products attributes (skus, name, model etc)
  • "Long tail" search strategy
  • Search Landing Pages
  • Search by multiple content types:

    • Catalog Products
    • Catalog Categories
    • Catalog Attribute
    • CMS Pages
    • Blog (AW Blog, Wordpress)
    • VBulletin Forum
    • AW Knowledge Base
    • Search Terms
    • Articles, News etc
  • High Indexing speed
  • High Searching speed of over 500 queries/sec against 1,000,000 skus

Sphinx Search Engine is used by the following companies:

Sphinx Search Engine - who use

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Dimitris Verified Buyer
From Athens, Greece
Using the module for over 2 years
Accurate search results
The search results became accurate with this extensions, while there are no missing products at the search results anymore. The key difference is the support of regular extensions.
Also installed:
Advanced Product Feeds,  Knowledge Base,  Advanced Reports,  Full Page Cache Warmer,  Google PageSpeed Optimizer
Coast2Coast Verified Buyer
From Vancouver, Canada
Using the module for over 3 years
Must Have!
This is a excellent extension for an medium/large commerce site. Dashboard is easy to configure and the data provided really helps understand the health of your commerce business.
Also installed:
Affiliate,  Google PageSpeed Optimizer
Emilio Verified Buyer
From Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
Using the module for over 2 years
Nice extension
Once installed, you can forget about issues, it's about value
Barry Verified Buyer
From Brusque, Brazil
Using the module for over 3 years
Very FAST Search Engine Replacement
Quick Install, very nice extension to close conversion rates.
Also installed:
Sphinx Search Ultimate,  Advanced Product Feeds,  Advanced Reports
javier Verified Buyer
From Arbizu, Spain
Using the module for over 1 year
The searches of my web have improved a lot thanks to this extension. I recommend it 100%. I should have bought it much earlier.
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