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Full Page Cache extension - is the best solution for Magento store that significantly speeds up page load time, reduces the load on the server, improves website ranking and remarkably increases sales conversion. An extension that directly affects sales conversion and successfully generate the revenue.

Compatible with: Community - 1.9.1
Enterprise -
Full Page Cache is rated 5 out of 5 based on 21 user reviews
Magento Edition*
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Overview Full Page Cache

Why website speed and page load times are so important?

Website speed and page load time is definitely a driving force behind your website visitors behavior that directly define the success of your business and online store sales.

Lets take an example of Walmart. When they found out they were not the fastest retail site on the internet, compared to EBay, Amazon etc., they have decided to overhaul their site speed. As a result: For every 1 second of improvement they experienced up to a 2% increase in conversions. For every 100 ms of improvement, they grew incremental revenue by up to 1%.

Search engines routinely fall back on pages load time in their rankings, as they assume the responsibility of optimal search results. Favoring fast sites over slower ones, a search engine meets the main goal of keeping customers content with the results delivered.

This is where Magento website performance is really crucial as it is what drives conversion rates and brings revenue for online businesses.


How extension works

The principle applied with Full Page Cache follows a common pattern. When a user visiting a website page for the first time, Magento generate and deliver this page to the visitor and automatically save a copy of it to the cache. Then all those pages just get stored in a cache. Each subsequent time when user request arrives, the system does not does not request Magento to generate a page, but returns the copy of the page from cache.

This greatly reduces database and server load. Once the server generate a page it does not need to generate it again and again, it simply returns only cached copies - immediately. An extension is significantly increase the load speed of Magento store.


Key features

  • Response time for cached pages for less than < 0.3 sec.

    Responsiveness time for Default Magento, for instance, comes up to 2-8 sec. Applying this module you can simply make your Magento e-store 6-25 times faster.

  • Full page cache for any page of your e-store

    The module makes it possible to have almost every page of your website stored in cache, it can be products, categories, CMS pages and even pages of the 3rd party modules.

  • Allows to exclude certain pages from cache

    If pages get refreshed very often and there is a need to exclude a certain page or specific group of pages from cache, an extension provides you with very flexible configuration options that enable such exclusion setup.

  • Support of themes for mobile devices

    The module fully supports the work with different themes for mobile devices. While caching, it takes into account the browser User-Agent.

  • Performance Chart

  • Support different types of cache:

    • Memcache (with multiple server support)
    • Apc
    • Redis (with multiple server support)
    • File Cache
    • Database

    All the listed above options can assure you that the module will work with any configuration of your server just perfectly!

  • Support of multi-domains, multi-stores, multi-languages and multi-customer groups

  • Reduces the load on the server and database

    It proves to be cost-effective when you have to apply less powerful servers.

    Due to the fact that the module allows the server to generate a page only once (and not repeatedly like default Magento), it significantly reduces the server load. You will are able to use a less powerful server and significantly save here.

  • Automatic clearing related cache, when you changed products, categories etc

    After adding changes to a product, a category, a CMS page, the module will clear up the cache records that relate to the modified object.

    This feature is what will keep you confident that you site provides your customers with the most recent data.

  • Build-in crawler to keep cache up to date

    The module features the build-in mechanism that automatically creates cache and regularly refreshes it. It can be set operational for time intervals when site traffic is low. It crawls all the site pages giving the visitors the most recent versions of those. Opening a pre-cached page, a visitor will always get it in an instant.

    • Crawls the most critical pages: CMS pages, Products, Categories, Layered navigation etc
    • Crawl as quickly as possible using multiple crawler threads
    • Detailed crawling statistics
  • Support for nginx, apache, litespeed, etc

Customer reviews for Full Page Cache

Most helpful Date
The Best extension i have ever used.
By Jerome on June 12, 2014      Verified Purchase

I have been building websites for about 5 years now and i have used a lot of extensions on a lot of different platform but never have i ever used an extension that speed up my website like this before.
My website went from a solid 9 seconds website to a sub 3 website by just installing and activating the Mirasvit FPC.
One of the reasons i chose this FPC over others was the ability to see what was taking place in the background. and have a daily analysis of how much of the cached pages are being reached vs ones that are not reached and the response time of the page. Thanks Much Mirasvit you make my website possible..
P.S. They have a great and fast support team, they are always on top of things.
Alexander your the BEST!!!

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (2)  /  No (0)
By Turgay on November 21, 2014      Verified Purchase

I bought mirasvit 11 modules
very clean code
The most important support is very good
doing their job very well
Thank you, waiting for new modules

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (1)  /  No (0)
Great Extension + Support
By Sha on April 17, 2014

Previously i used a Full Page Cache extension from another extension store. It worked fine. But, it was price at 349 Euros and the support was pricey! For every change that i needed, they charged me their per hour rate of 89 euros. So, it got really expensive and there was a major flaw in the extension that they have not rectified till date.

Thus, for my new store, i went with Mirasvit FULL PAGE CACHE. Price was much cheaper - affordable. And, the support team worked diligently to rectify initial issues i had. They didn't charge me anything more and were willing to listen and fix the extension so that it works perfect on my store. The full page cache has reduced First Byte Time from 1.5 sec to about 0.3 sec. And, i am using file system to store cache. My server provides memcache and i could have made it even faster. But with Memcache, flushing cache gave me errors - so i opted out. So, you have it, good price, good support, good boost in overall loading speed. I am 1 happy buyer and i have bought my 2nd extension from Mirasvit today.

Will support them as long as they produce new extensions which i will need. :)

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (1)  /  No (0)
make the product is easy, but making it run on the customer machine requires a commitment, and you've done it
By Kunarto on March 18, 2015      Verified Purchase

This is my first extension, but when I look for another extension, mirasvit will always be my main choice, this is because the products of really high quality, the support that is given really impressed me, you not only sell this product, but you are really in charge until your product can work correctly on our machines
Good luck to your business, and if you had the opportunity to come to Jakarta, do not hesitate to contact me.

warm regards


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Amazing Improvement
By Wilson on March 17, 2015      Verified Purchase

This product is very easy to install. Once turned on, my site's load time has reduced dropped 2/3. This is very significant to our customers.

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Good extension
By Ledon on March 11, 2015      Verified Purchase

Greatly improves the operation speed of the website

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (0)  /  No (0)
Just works
By Alex on March 6, 2015      Verified Purchase

I've tried many combinations to improve Magento performance, this module beats all. Clean code, many features and good support

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (0)  /  No (0)
Best FPC extension out there
By Timo on February 28, 2015      Verified Purchase

Best FPC extension out there. I've tried many, and always recommend this as my go to FPC extension. Combined with the Indexing extension, its a killer combo.

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (0)  /  No (0)
Full Page Cache
By Indrek on February 20, 2015      Verified Purchase

Seems to work well, site is faster. Consider it if you have low CPU and Memory resource on your server.

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (0)  /  No (0)
Great Extension
By Scott on February 11, 2015      Verified Purchase

Speeds your website. Lots of configuration options to let dynamic content through.

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Perfect exension with dito support
By Richard on January 20, 2015

The Ful Page Exension of Mirasvit is an excellent caching system, before we use several systems but the promissed speed and support we don't receive.
Mirasvit deliver it, and in our case Alexander give extensive support.
So when you search for your Magento shop a well working cache system choose then for Mirasvit Full Page Cache. We are happy with it.

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Great Extension and Support
By Albert on November 21, 2014      Verified Purchase

We purchased several extensions from Mirasvit and we could not be more happy with the quality of the product. Customer support is second to none. These guys are patient and professional.
Mirasvit is the first place we look every time we need a new extension.

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (0)  /  No (0)
Good Extention
By Bakhytzhan on November 4, 2014      Verified Purchase

My store was very slow and when you install this extension, you will feel speed.
Support really good

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (0)  /  No (0)
By Simon on September 15, 2014      Verified Purchase

Nice and extremly quick support, I didn't need any configuration my website loaded 3 sec, now max 1,5sec.

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (0)  /  No (0)
Best FPC solution.
By Guilherme on July 17, 2014      Verified Purchase

I was trying to find a solution to the magento cach for a long time, tried modules for varnish and for memcached and I had no success to run with one specific module of checkout that I have.

To my happiness in my last try I found FPC module of Mirasvit and it solved my problems. The suport was very quick and today I have FPC in all my apply.

Thank you Mirasvit for the amazing and quickly suport.

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (0)  /  No (0)
Very high level of support
By Bertrand on May 7, 2014

Nothing to say. Really impressed. Very high level of support. Fast & skilled. Perfect.

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (0)  /  No (0)
By Kay on February 27, 2014      Verified Purchase

We use this module on http://www.naturideen.de and we are very impressed with the speed that has received our shop.

A big THANK YOU to Alexander who has responded to support requests same.

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (0)  /  No (0)
Does this works with shoppers theme?
By Ahamed on February 20, 2014      Verified Purchase

Would like to know if this works with shoppers theme by http://shopper.queldorei.com/
Yes, our extension will works with this theme.

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (0)  /  No (0)
By Scott on December 25, 2013

From one day testing I'm quite impressed.

Still I think it's a must you outline how to exclude certain blocks from cache in your documentation.

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (0)  /  No (0)
Recently Viewed Items
By David on December 23, 2013

I see that your FPC demo on the front end ignores the recently viewed items block. Is there a way to make it so this block is refreshed as well?

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (0)  /  No (0)
Mirasvit Team says: Posted on January 31, 2015

Please check extension demo now, we added this feature

Leave own comment
exclude caching for certain blocks?
By Nicoalae on December 18, 2013

What about if I want to have a page cached but I need a certain block on that page to be excluded from cache?
I am reffering to dynamic content like: "last visited products", "featured products".
Extension always update dynamic blocks, like cart sidebar, compare list, last visited products etc.
Additionally you can specify own rules for certain blocks.

Was this review helpful to you?    Yes (0)  /  No (0)
Write Your Own Review
Overall Satisfaction
Post a comment Mar 23, 2015

  • fix Too many redirect error, fix welcome block update (for multistores), fix flush cache by limits (if use file system and APC) Mar 17, 2015

  • fix sorting if custom_order enabled, don't add noRoute urls in Crawler URLs (for nginx), fix breadcrumbs container, add status info Mar 04, 2015

  • not use empty field in Allowed Pages, fix Invalid tag error when crawl urls, fix correct formKey, noBots compatibility, fix exclude two or more blocks with the same block type, breadcrumbs container Feb 06, 2015

  • Fix exclude from cache a block reports/product_viewed, don't add to crawler LoggedIn users Jan 27, 2015

  • Wildcard exceptions: support regular expressions Jan 26, 2015

  • Add additional conditions (logged_in) for update block, fix for login form if use validate form key, script to add urls in crawler urls first time, fix - don't delete urls from crawler if fpc cache disabled. Jan 15, 2015

  • add PackageName ( for mobile theme ), don't render whole page if page/switch and reports/product_viewed is empty Jan 13, 2015

  • Crawl order Jan 13, 2015

  • MstCore (common for all extensions): MstCore: Incorrectly identify Magento version (effects only Magento EE with SEO extension) Dec 25, 2014

  • fix mobile, multistore, reports, page_switch, hash, container framing, flushCacheAfterCatalogRuleSave Dec 02, 2014

  • add import limit from one file Nov 27, 2014

  • Add cms/page_view to manual Nov 26, 2014

  • fix fpc.php Nov 19, 2014

  • flush Catalog Price Rules cache Nov 17, 2014

  • Issue with rendering blocks on fly (without run app)
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): In some rare cases we have SQL error during installation (duplicate key name 'mstcore_urlrewrite_index1') Nov 17, 2014

  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Encoding problem with russian chars
  • Disable fpc_debug.log
  • Fix HTTP and HTTPS eror
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Attachments are downloaded without extension in FF (affected RMA extension)
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): When click "Run validation tests" for particular extension, core test not running
  • Update blocks without depends
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Wrong extension code in the extension validator
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Ability to validate existence and CRC sum for extension files (depending on version of extension)
  • Add dynamic block for OptimiseWeb_Cookienotice_Notice
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Problem with check of extension status
  • _getFullPageUrl() is undefined method in Processor.php
  • Code Refactoring
  • Cache dynamic blocks after first visit (currently after second visit)
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Add checks for possible PHP cache
  • Add checks of permissions to validator
Usability and Performance
Module is easy to install and easy to upgrade, just follow step by step our user guide.
Multiple stores support
Support multiple stores, multiple languages and multiple domains.
Safe Magento updates
No core modifications. Just copy extension files to store root directory.
Risk-free Investment
30-days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with work of our extension for any reason we provide a full refund.
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Client focusing and satisfaction
It is our main goal. A big part of our new clients come from referrals from our existing clients. Our professional team of developers, marketers and support invest the best knowledge and experience, so you could come back to us again and again.
Remarkable support
30-days free and high quality support. We make an effort to satisfy you with work of every module you have purchased in our store. Helping you with installation, configuration, answering your every question, we do all our best to eliminate any possible problems.
Comprehensive Documentation
We provide an expanded user guide for every our extension, so you can find answers for all your burning questions.
Constant improvements and upgrades
We provide you 1 year of free updates. We constantly add new features to all our modules. We are absolutely interested to hear your opinion and to implement your suggested features in our future developments.
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Full Page Cache

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Full Page Cache is rated 5 out of 5 based on 21 user reviews
Magento Edition*
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