Beyond the Hype: How Augmented Reality Delivers Real Value for Online Retailers

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AR (Augmented Reality) is a dynamic and transformative technology that has transcended its initial gaming roots to become a powerful tool in e-commerce. It seamlessly blends the virtual and physical worlds, offering many opportunities for businesses to engage their customers in innovative and immersive ways. In this article, we will embark on a journey through the fascinating landscape of AR in e-commerce.

Our mission is to provide you with real-world case studies that showcase the tangible impact of AR. These cases involve businesses partnered with us to leverage AR technology effectively. These examples give you valuable insights into AR integration's concrete results and advantages, emphasizing its potential to drive transformative change in your business.

By the end of this article, you will understand whether AR aligns with your business goals and how it can catalyze your business growth. Our journey will navigate the current market trends in AR, dissect its myriad applications, and address a pivotal question: Is AR the right solution for your business? This journey equips you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about incorporating AR to enhance your business and stimulate revenue growth.

Overview of AR in e-commerce

Augmented Reality has emerged as a game-changer in e-commerce, profoundly reshaping the online shopping experience. This transformation is set to continue, with a projected official PHP 8.1 release page 1.3 billion AR device users anticipated by the conclusion of 2023. This substantial increase in the user base underlines the escalating popularity and broad adoption of AR technology across diverse industries, with e-commerce prominently featured among them.

user base Source

AR technology enables e-commerce customers to preview products and experience services in their environment and on their terms before purchasing. A report from Snapchat revealed that 93% of its users, primarily from the Gen Z demographic, express interest in using AR for shopping. This demographic's enthusiasm for AR suggests a promising future for integrating this technology into e-commerce platforms.

The statistic from Interactions shows that 61% of retailers prefer consumers with an Augmented Reality experience, which underscores the significance of AR in the e-commerce landscape. This preference reflects the growing recognition among retailers that customers who engage with AR tend to bring valuable advantages to their businesses.

Retailers see several benefits in catering to AR-experienced consumers, including:

  • Cost-Effective Solution: AR is an affordable and accessible technology, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses aiming to provide enhanced shopping experiences.
  • Boosted Customer Engagement: AR captivates and engages customers like never before. It transforms the shopping journey into an interactive and immersive experience, keeping customers actively involved.
  • Sales Growth: AR can significantly boost sales by enabling customers to visualize products in their spaces. Shoppers can better understand products, leading to more confident purchase decisions.
  • Virtual Product Viewing: AR empowers customers to view products virtually without visiting a store physically. This convenience is especially valuable in an era where online shopping is the norm.
  • Alleviating Shopper Uncertainty: AR effectively dispels the doubts that frequently haunt buyers when assessing a product's compatibility. By providing a virtual "try before you buy" capability, AR seamlessly bridges the chasm between imaginative expectations and tangible product experiences. Furthermore, it augments the sense of ownership, serving as a potent auxiliary tool for driving sales. People tend to be more reluctant to part with something they have personally experienced or tried.
  • Reduced Returns: With the ability to try products virtually, AR minimizes the likelihood of mismatched expectations and returns. This translates into cost savings for businesses and greater customer satisfaction.

The Rise of AR in E-commerce

ar rise

Before delving into practical cases, examining statistics, and exploring the various methods of implementing AR, it's essential first to explore its foundational background. Understanding the historical evolution and core principles of AR will provide us with valuable context and insights as we navigate the exciting world of augmented reality applications and their impact on various industries.

The current trend of AR in e-commerce

In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, AR reigns supreme as the foremost trend, elevating the online shopping experience to new heights. Alongside AR, a host of transformative trends are reshaping the e-commerce landscape, including the growing prevalence of voice search, the intelligence of AI in understanding shoppers, the craft of on-site personalization, the power of big data in personalizing experiences, the rise of chatbots enhancing the shopping journey, and the ongoing evolution of mobile shopping. These trends propel e-commerce into a new era of unparalleled consumer engagement.

Key AR trends to watch in 2023:

Increased Adoption of AR in E-Commerce: According to a recent survey, 38% of marketers reported using AR in 2022, a significant increase from the 23% reported in 2017. AR allows consumers to feel like they’re physically interacting with products in a brick-and-mortar store while being online.

Social Media Apps and Camera Filters: With Snapchat and Instagram leading the charge, social media apps and camera filters incorporate AR into their platforms.

Virtual Try-On Technology: Virtual try-on technology allows consumers to see how products look on them, increasing confidence in online shopping.

Virtual Showrooms: Virtual showrooms involve the buyer flipping the camera around, which is particularly popular among furniture stores.

Better AR Hardware Options: Revolutions in mobile technology, such as LiDAR and ToF (depth sensing hardware), lead to better AR hardware options.

AR Mirrors: AR mirrors for in-store shopping assist buyers who either don’t want to test various alternatives or can’t.

Perspective's AR Cases

The role of Perspective in the AR world

Perspective always stays in the loop with the latest technologies that could be integrated into the Magento platform. For example, we recently explored "A Synergy Story Blending ChatGPT’s AI Capabilities with Magento’s E-Commerce Excellence".

Regarding Perspective's involvement with AR technology, our dedicated Magento development team collaborates closely with partners to demonstrate that AR implementation isn't a complex or prohibitively expensive endeavor. Instead, it emerges as a practical and logical choice for businesses pursuing growth.

Let's now delve into a series of practical case studies, each offering valuable insights into implementing AR technology in various business contexts. These real-world examples demonstrate the versatile and powerful applications of AR, showcasing the endless possibilities it offers. Our commitment is to assist businesses in fully realizing the potential of AR, transforming their operations, and pioneering innovative customer engagement strategies. These case studies go beyond mere illustration; they provide a professional window into the transformative capabilities of AR across diverse industries.

Sports Footwear Store - AmanoCapri's Upcoming Customization Solution

customization solution

AmanoCapri, a distinguished online purveyor of premium custom footwear, is poised to elevate its bespoke shoemaking process. Their innovative approach is designed to streamline and enhance the crafting process for discerning customers. This transformation will be realized through the integration of advanced foot-scanning technology.

Here's how the upcoming solution will work:

  1. Foot Scan App Development: AmanoCapri, in collaboration with the Perspective team and partners, is bringing a user-friendly mobile app equipped with advanced foot-scanning features to life. Customers can seamlessly download the app, scan their feet, and generate precise foot measurements. This collaborative effort ensures a highly accurate and convenient custom shoe-making process.
  2. Integration with Magento: The application will seamlessly integrate with AmanoCapri's Magento platform. Customers will have the option to use their scanned data for crafting their custom shoes. We securely transmit and retrieve user data directly from the app to the website by utilizing the API method, ensuring a seamless and efficient data transfer process.
  3. Personalized Design and Production: AmanoCapri will use the integrated foot data to create customized shoe designs that match each customer's unique foot characteristics. This data-driven process is expected to result in highly accurate custom shoe manufacturing.

Anticipated Benefits and Outcomes:

Improved Precision: AmanoCapri anticipates that the upcoming solution will significantly enhance the precision of custom shoe design and production, reducing errors and ensuring a perfect fit.

Efficient Process: The company expects the new approach to streamline its production process, leading to faster turnaround times for custom shoe orders.

Customer-Centric Experience: Customers will enjoy a seamless and highly personalized shopping experience, receiving shoes tailored precisely to their foot measurements and preferences.

Fewer Returns: The enhanced accuracy of custom designs and manufacturing is expected to reduce returns, resulting in cost savings for AmanoCapri and greater customer satisfaction.

Brand Image: By pioneering advanced foot scanning technology in the custom shoe industry, AmanoCapri aims to establish itself as a modern and customer-focused brand.

Window Shutter Manufacturer - Exterior Solutions' AR Implementation

solution implementation

Exterior Solutions, a company specializing in interior design solutions, has embarked on a journey to enhance the customer experience by implementing an AR solution. They aim to allow users to visualize and fit various interior design products using smartphone cameras.

Here's how the AR solution works:

  • User-Friendly AR Experience: Exterior Solutions offers a straightforward AR experience directly on their website. Users can initiate the AR tool by clicking on an icon.
  • Product and Color Selection: Upon activation, users can browse and select their desired product and its color options. This step allows users to customize the product to their preferences.
  • Camera Integration: The AR tool seamlessly integrates with the user's device camera. Users can access their camera roll and position the chosen product near their window to preview how it will appear in their interior.
  • Real-Time Visualization: Exterior Solutions' AR integration uses real-time image processing to superimpose the selected product, complete with the chosen color, onto the user's living space. This immediate visualization provides users with a highly accurate and immersive preview, helping them make confident and well-informed decisions about their interior design choices.

Benefits and Outcomes:

Enhanced Customer Experience: Exterior Solutions' user-friendly AR tool significantly enhances the customer experience by providing a convenient and immersive way to visualize interior design products. Users can confidently explore various options from the comfort of their homes.

Informed Decision-Making: The AR feature empowers users to make well-informed decisions about their interior design choices. By seeing how a product will look in their living space in real-time, they can ensure it aligns with their vision.

Increased Sales: The interactive and informative AR experience is expected to boost sales by helping customers find the perfect products for their homes. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and revenue growth for Exterior Solutions.

Reduced Returns: The ability to preview products in their intended setting reduces the likelihood of customers returning items due to mismatched expectations. This leads to cost savings and improved efficiency for the company.

Environmental Impact: By helping customers make more informed choices, Exterior Solutions also contributes to reducing environmental waste associated with product returns, aligning with sustainable business practices.

Other Noteworthy AR Implementations in E-Commerce

Here are brief descriptions of successful AR implementations by famous brands in the industry:

  • Dyson - Virtual Reality (VR) Demo: Dyson offers a VR demo that allows customers to explore their vacuum cleaners and other products in a virtual environment. This immersive experience helps customers make informed decisions about their purchases.
  • Giorgio Armani Beauty - Virtual Try-On: Giorgio Armani Beauty offers a virtual try-on experience for makeup products. Customers can use their smartphones or webcams to see how different makeup products look on their skin before buying.
  • Charlotte Tilbury - Virtual Store: Charlotte Tilbury's virtual store is a unique experience that blends elements of virtual reality (VR) and the metaverse. It provides an immersive shopping experience in a virtual environment.

Practical Examples of AR Impact:

IKEA Place App

  • AR Feature: The IKEA Place app lets users virtually place IKEA products in their desired location to visualize how they fit before purchasing.
  • Results: The app, with over 4.9 million users as of August 2022, reduced return rates by over 30%, enhancing efficiency and saving time and resources for IKEA.

Tap Painter

  • AR Feature: Tap Painter allows users to paint rooms and virtually identify the most suitable colors.
  • Results: With over 10 million downloads and accessibility to users from over 100 countries, Tap Painter enhances global users' interior design decision-making process.

Timberland Virtual Fitting Room

  • AR Feature: Timberland's AR and Kinect-motion Sensing Technology create virtual fitting rooms for trying on outfits without physically wearing them.
  • Results: Initially conceived in 2014 for designated stores, recent advancements in AR technology allow users to download the app on their mobile devices, offering a convenient and interactive shopping experience.

Snapchat and Puma’s Collaboration

  • AR Feature: Snapchat and Puma's Dress Up in-app feature provides immersive AR fashion and virtual try-on experiences to promote Puma's tracksuits and Suede shoes.
  • Results: Approximately 250 million users have interacted with this feature, enhancing brand engagement and product promotion for Puma.

How to Implement AR in Your E-Commerce Business:

Augmented Reality is no longer an elusive technology accessible only to tech giants. It's become efficient and cost-effective, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Here's a breakdown of how to implement AR in your e-commerce business:

Step 1: Identify Your Objectives

Before diving into AR implementation, define your goals. What do you aim to achieve with AR? Clear objectives will guide your implementation, enhancing the customer experience, reducing returns, or increasing engagement.

Step 2: Choose the Right AR Solution

Selecting the appropriate AR solution is crucial. For simpler applications like showcasing 3D product models, consider user-friendly platforms like It's cost-effective and ideal for businesses starting with AR.

Step 3: Create an Engaging AR Experience

Design an immersive AR experience that resonates with your target audience. Focus on user-friendliness, interactivity, and realism to captivate and retain customers.

Step 4: Test and Iterate

After implementation, gather user feedback and iterate on your AR solution. Continuous improvement ensures that your AR experience remains relevant and effective.

Considerations for Choosing an AR Solution:

When selecting an AR solution for your e-commerce business, keep these key considerations in mind:

Cost-Effectiveness: AR implementation doesn't have to break the bank. Even large corporations can embrace AR with reasonable budgets. For SMEs, development costs can be as low as $1000.

User-Friendliness: Opt for user-friendly platforms like for simple AR applications. User experience is paramount in AR.

Customization: Ensure your AR solution aligns with your business's unique needs and objectives. Tailor the experience to cater to your target audience effectively.

Implementing AR in your e-commerce business is simpler and more affordable than ever. Whether showcasing 3D product models or developing a 3D scanning application, AR can be a game-changer for your business. Embrace this transformative technology to enhance customer experiences, reduce returns, and drive engagement, all while staying within your budget.


Augmented Reality is a transformative technology with vast potential in e-commerce. Its historical evolution, practical applications across various industries, and the current trends in e-commerce showcase its adaptability and impact. Businesses can harness the power of AR to enhance the customer experience, reduce returns, and drive engagement.

Through Perspective’s AR cases, we've seen how AR solutions can revolutionize different sectors. From custom shoe manufacturing with AmanoCapri to interior design visualization with Exterior Solutions, AR offers tangible benefits such as improved precision, efficiency, customer-centric experiences, and environmental impact.

Furthermore, we've explored noteworthy AR implementations by famous brands, highlighting the positive outcomes they've achieved. AR has enabled these brands to engage customers effectively and promote their products while reducing return rates.

Implementing AR in your e-commerce business is now more accessible and cost-effective than ever. By following the steps outlined and considering key factors when choosing an AR solution, businesses of all sizes can leverage AR to enhance their operations and customer interactions.

Has this article sparked ideas about how AR could transform your customers' shopping journey? Don't leave those ideas unexplored! Our team at Perspective can help turn those possibilities into realities. With extensive expertise in emerging technologies like AR, we create personalized solutions that align with your business strategy. Reach out for a discovery call to determine if AR is feasible for you. The future of shopping is here!