10 Best Web Hosting Magento 2 Providers and Solutions in 2024

In 2024, the competition for leadership among Magento hosting providers intensifies, with each evolving and growing its feature set to present solutions that meet the rising demands of current e-commerce competition. To help Magento store owners select the best web hosting provider, we researched the offers of the top 10 Magento hosting providers in 2024 and are sharing our findings.

What should be the best hosting for Magento?

Feeling overwhelmed by the throng of Magento hosting solutions available on the market? Don't worry! We'll guide you through like a marketplace pro, helping you identify the key features to select the total match for your online store. Let’s highlight essential aspects of the best Magento hosting plans for your digital storefront.

Basic requirements for Magento installation

Prior to choosing the best Magento hosting company to fit into a particular business situation, check if web hosting resources correspond with Magento minimum requirements, PHP version, have essential add-ons, correct configurations, and recommended services installed.

Server Speed

If you target an audience from a certain geographical zone, consider a Magento hosting located in Europe or the USA to get faster loading times. Consider utilizing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for additional optimization worldwide. Also, look out for extra features such as advanced cashing to bring an unmatching client experience for your store’s visitors.


The best hosting for Magento provides security compliance and includes SSL certificates, IP whitelisting, dedicated firewalls, and two-factor authentication.

Tech Support

Various issues might arise at any point, so opting for a Magento web hosting provider with easy access to expert advice and troubleshooting is important. Make sure tech support is ready to help even outside of working hours disregarding time zones.


Assess the financial estimation for hosting a Magento website concerning the special characteristics, security options, and scaling opportunities. Affordability might seem a priority point, however, we suggest assessing the perks of employing extra services, and rapid scaling.

Best Magento Host Providers for Magento in 2024

Cloudways Magento Hosting

As one of the best cloud Magento hosting providers, Cloudways presents reasonably-priced subscriptions suitable for beginner-level online retailers and premium Magento hosting packages for established brands. The final estimation is based on the cloud provider, server parameters, and additional extensions. You can launch and operate numerous Magento storefronts and add various add-ons on a single server.


Cloudways Hosting Features:

  • Different Providers: DigitalOcean, AWS, and Google Cloud.
  • Fast Support and monitoring in real-time.
  • Free SSL certificates and security patching.
  • Free Migration to the Cloudways.
  • Access Management to grant different access levels for staff members.
  • Dedicated Firewalls from suspicious traffic and unauthorized access.
  • Automated Backups for smooth recovery.
  • Optimized Cache and CND to improve website speed worldwide.
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers: Enjoy the faster HTTP/2 protocol for better website communication.
  • SSH and SFTP: Securely access files with SSH and SFTP protocols.

Cloudways Magento Hosting Advantages:

  • Scalability across cloud platforms;
  • Solid performance;
  • Automated server management.

Cloudways Magento Hosting Downsides:

  • Requires tech knowledge;
  • The steeper learning curve;
  • Data protection is the user’s responsibility;
  • Limited troubleshooting for server issues.

Nexcess Hosting Provider for Magento


As one of the top hosting Magento servers, Nexcess shared, dedicated, and cloud plans correspond to various stores' needs. The final cost depends on the selected platform, resources, and extra functions. Magento hosted solutions are at a higher price tier, however, their solid optimization, safety, and managed Magento hosting services draw the attention of established enterprises.

Nexcess Features Breakdown:

  • Server-side scripting with PHP for dynamic content generation and customization.
  • Dedicated IP addresses for security and PCI compliance.
  • Instant autoscaling for peaking traffic.
  • Performance testing, and fast troubleshooting.
  • CDN and advanced caching for fast loading worldwide.
  • Unwavering Security with 24/7 monitoring.

Perks of Nexcess Magento Hosting:

  • Optimized for Magento;
  • Magento Managed Hosting;
  • Comprehensive safety practices, including always-on monitoring;
  • Fast loading worldwide with global CDN;
  • Automatic scaling of Magento server resources.

Limitations of Nexcess Magento Hosting:

  • Not budget-friendly;
  • Managed services come only on premium plans;
  • Limited Cloud Choice;
  • Limited Server Control compared to VPS or dedicated solutions.

HostPapa Hosting for Magento 2

This Magento web hosting is widely regarded for its affordability and comprehensive services tailored for small businesses. The platform provides Magento shared hosting plans with 100GB of storage and complimentary domain registration. The price starts at $3 per month for one website, while the Plus version supports up to 10 webstores for $6 per month.


HostPapa Core Features (for one website):

  • 10 email addresses;
  • Free SSL certificate;
  • Cloudflare compatible and CloudLinux-based servers;
  • Softaculous 400+ app installer.

HostPapa Web Hosting Magento Pros:

  • Basic hosting start at $3/month;
  • Optimized performance for fast speed;
  • User-friendly cPanel dashboard;
  • Outside of working hours support over the phone, web, and chat.

HostPapa Web Hosting Cons:

  • Support might be geared more towards general hosting issues, but the provider might offer resources or partner with external specialists for complex problems.
  • Not configured for unique Magento demands that could entail loading speed issues.
  • Limited resources on shared hosting plans don’t ensure scaling opportunities.
  • No advanced caching or managed security updates.

GoDaddy Web Hosting for Magento


GoDaddy servers have Magento compatibility on their shared and VPS hosting plans. However, its core strength lies in WordPress hosting, so other platforms’ users might require additional research or support for optimal performance. GoDaddy's established name in the hosting industry might make it a familiar consideration for Magento store owners. Additionally, their pricing structure can be attractive for budget-conscious businesses. However, it's important to be aware of potential limitations that could affect your Magento store's performance.

GoDaddy Features

  1. Simple Magento installation.
  2. Upgrade resources for smooth scaling as your visitor base grows.
  3. Managed Security with scanning and suspicious activity detection.
  4. SSL certificates and DDoS protection for better security.
  5. 24/7 Support on the phone, live chat, and email assisting users with tech inquiries.

GoDaddy Advantages

  • Smooth transition for web stores with GoDaddy domain registration;
  • Real-time network monitoring, DDoS, and complimentary SSL certificate for 1st year with a dedicated IP;
  • Root access for the full control and server configurations;
  • Affordable shared hosting solutions.

GoDaddy Disadvantages:

  • No cloud or managed hosting solutions for Magento;
  • Servers are not tailored to Magento features, which might affect loading times;
  • No assistance for website migration;
  • Limited scalability that needs upgrades for growth;
  • Limited expertise in resolving complex troubleshooting;
  • Safety concerns regarding the shared hosting plans.



Magento 2 Cloud hosting plans guarantee solid performance and include general functionality. However, this provider doesn't have dedicated Magento 2 hosting along with platform-specific expertise and add-ons.

Hostinger Features:

  • Cloud Hosting Magento Plans come with unlimited websites and a free domain.
  • Free SSL Certificate for additional protection.
  • Simple Magento installation.
  • Protection from DDoS attacks and automated backup.

Hostinger Strong Points:

  • Domain registration and migration;
  • Affordable plans from $4 per month;
  • Up to 100 websites on the starter plan with 200GB storage;
  • Free CDN and SSL certificate;
  • Unlimited resources on selected plans;
  • Advanced cashing solutions.

Hostinger Downsides:

  • No dedicated IP address and priority support in basic plans;
  • Limited Magento expertise;
  • No adjustable scaling for unpredictable traffic growth;
  • Less Magento-oriented environment.

Inmotion Hosting for Magento


InMotion is one of the best Magento host providers adjusted to the unique demands of web stores. This platform has a server stack (UltraStack) dedicated to faster performance with advanced caching.

Inmotion Magento Hosting Provider Features

  • Scalable Infrastructure: InMotion provides dedicated IP addresses and seamless scaling.
  • Better Performance with UltraStack servers with advanced caching.
  • Precise control with cPanel & WHM, allowing easy configuration of the storefront.
  • Integration with Elasticsearch or OpenSearch for enhanced website management.
  • Magento-oriented security and configuration of custom firewalls to ensure solid protection.

Inmotion Hosting Advantages for Magento

  • Servers tailored to Magento features for smooth operating;
  • Support of PHP versions 7 and 8;
  • Effortless setup & management;
  • Free SSL and strong security functions;
  • 24/7 online support with deep expertise in Magento;
  • Budget-friendly solution.

Inmotion Disadvantages

  • Limited Magento expertise on Shared Plans;
  • Significant price Increase on renewal;
  • Lower performance on Basic Plans.

Hostgator Hosting Plans for Magento


Affordable shared hosting subscriptions are supplied with essential Magento hosting services. However, this Magento web host provider doesn’t introduce the specialized tools and Magento expertise found in the best Magento 2 host providers.

Hostgator Hosting Features

  • Shared Hosting: HostGator claims Magento compatibility on standard shared hosting plans.
  • Simplified Setup: HostGator simplifies installation with Softaculous, a one-click app installer for Magento.
  • Scalability: While these plans have basic compatibility, they might need more advanced services for the stable operations of larger enterprises. You might need to upgrade to a high-tier hosted Magento solution as your storefront attracts more visitors.

Hostgator Magento Hosting Benefits

  • Cost-effective solution for small shops and beginners;
  • Smooth setup with the Softaculous installer;
  • Shared hosting plans with functionalities like email hosting and website builder.

Hostgator Magento Hosting Drawbacks

  • The absence of platform-specific services;
  • Limited growth potential;
  • Basic Magento expertise;
  • Fewer security functions.

A2 Hosting


Magento 1.7.x, 1.9.x, 2.2.x, and 2.3.x compatible plans are prioritizing server speed and cost-effectiveness. A2 hosting has four plan tiers: Managed dedicated/VPS hosting, and Unmanaged dedicated/VPS hosting.

A2 Hosting Features

  • Magento compatibility falls under their Managed VPS Plan and Managed Dedicated Server Turbo plan, which now features AMD EPYC Servers for better performance.
  • Auto-configuration and PHP 7.1-7.4, 8.0 or 8.1, MySQL 5.6/ MariaDB, and PostgreSQL.
  • Free SSL Certificate and HackScan Protection.

A2 Magento Hosting Strengths

  • Affordable solutions;
  • Magento is pre-installed on servers;
  • Solid data protection functions;
  • Optimized speed.

A2 Magento Hosting Weaknesses

  • No Magento-centric expertise to troubleshoot platform-related issues;
  • Shared hosting grants high speed, but might limit scaling;
  • No Magento auto-updates.

FastComet Hosting for Magento


These budget-friendly shared Magento hosted plans provide a smooth entry point. As your business flourishes and traffic increases, the solution seamlessly scales with VPS plans. These VPS plans empower you with smart resource allocation, allowing for precise control over CPU, RAM, and storage to optimize performance for your growing Magento store.

FastComet Magento Hosting Features

  • Scalable Hosting: Pick an essential shared hosting plan if your web store is still developing. Later you can switch to VPS hosting to accommodate more users.
  • Magento-Adjusted Servers: FastComet servers have advanced caching to ensure powerful performance.
  • Security: Free SSL certificates for data encryption and additional security measures to secure the storefront data and information.
  • Softaculous Installer to set up Magento in a single click.
  • Reliable 24/7 client support to troubleshoot any hosting-related issues.

FastComet Magento Hosting Perks

  • Affordable solution;
  • Painless scaling with VPS servers;
  • Servers adjusted to Magento ensure stable performance;
  • Quick Magento setup;
  • SSL certificate and additional security functionality.

FastComet Magento Hosting Limitations

  • Shared hosting plans can potentially slow down websites with high traffic;
  • Less Magento-oriented expertise.



Magento website hosting solutions are targeted to established storefronts, that employ solid tech resources and expertise. These Magento hosting plans are easily scalable but store owners will need a solid technical understanding to get the most out of its advanced features.

Rackspace Features

  • Smooth growth: Server resources are rapidly adjusted to peak traffic and ensure unmatched performance.
  • Solid Infrastructure: Rackspace goes beyond supplying shared hosting plans. Their solutions are adjusted to support Magento webstores with an actively growing visitor base.
  • Magento Expertise: Magento is not supported in all subscription tiers, however, Rackspace grants access to Magento specialists able to tackle complex issues for a potential additional fee.
  • Improved Security: Plans incorporate advanced security practices, and offer potential upgrades to managed security services for comprehensive protection of your storefront.

Rackspace Strong Points

  • Optimized performance, even for websites with heavy traffic;
  • Easy scaling and growth;
  • Magento expert-level support in premium plans;
  • Solid data security measures.

Rackspace Downsides

  • Requires more tech expertise;
  • Premium versions are costly and might appeal not so affordable as shared hosting;
  • May not be suitable for small businesses with less traffic volumes.

Wrapping up

Optimizing your Magento 2 store's performance, security, and scalability hinges on selecting the best Magento hosting providers in Europe and USA. This article explores the top 10 Magento 2 hosting providers and solutions, each offering a distinct set of features catering to diverse user needs.

These Magento hosting providers deliver various benefits, including solid data protection, exceptional performance, reliable support, and adaptable pricing structures. Carefully assessing each Magento server empowers you to make an informed decision that corresponds with your development objectives.

However, not all providers offer an extensive set of features tailored to e-commerce needs. At Mirasvit we develop highly-customizable Magento extensions that empower store owners to use the platform’s opportunities to the maximum extent.

Remember, investing in a dependable and effective Magento hosting solution will improve clients' experience, propel your conversion rates, and fuel your long-term growth trajectory.

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