Blogging doesn’t get better than this! - use Blog MX with the BlueFoot PageBuilder


So how can we improve in-built blogging capabilities within Magento so we don’t have to worry about maintaining other platforms and give content editing teams the tools they need.


In this article we want to demonstrate how combining the excellent Miravist Blog MX extension with the BlueFoot PageBuilder extension can supercharge any Blog and further compete with WordPress – maybe Yulia could update the score to 6:2 in her article!


One of the common arguments for using WordPress is that third party solutions fail to provide the same level of features and functionality that WordPress does. In addition WordPress is renowned for its intuitive user experience and ease of putting pages together which makes for a compelling reason to install and use it. We believe we can start to challenge that argument.


Miravist’s Blog MX for Magento 2 is a fantastic tool and offers all the functionality needed to run a successful blog for your online store. Whilst it has a fully featured WYSIWYG editor we wanted to show how we could enhance this by integrating the BlueFoot Pagebuilder and giving users drag and drop features taking the admin user experience to the next level.


BlueFoot is a Page Builder tool that replaces the standard Magento WYSIWYG and offers a powerful set of drag and drop tools to help build content. BlueFoot has been created with one aim; empower Magento users to create fantastic content quickly and easily without the need for other platforms, systems or technical know-how.


Blog MX and BlueFoot work together seamlessly. With BlueFoot installed you can turn this….Before

Into this …After Blog MX

Content editors can now structure a page with ease, adding rows, columns, dragging in headers, textareas, images, videos, maps plus Magento specific elements such as product widgets and static blocks, this list goes on. What’s more, if you need BlueFoot to do something that is not included out of the box, no problem!  BlueFoot code is unencrypted and highly extensible making it simple for your developers to work with.

Empowering Magento users to create fantastic content quickly and easily

Content marketing matters for online retailers, being able to tell a story, offer advice or provide inspiration helps distinguish them from their competitors.

We believe a strong content marketing strategy allows store owners to acquire customers more easily, encourage them to convert and most of all, retain and build loyalty among them. In a rapidly changing, fast-paced and hugely competitive industry being able to deploy that marketing strategy quickly and effectively is key.Blog MX and BlueFoot

Now with Blog MX and BlueFoot you can meet those challenges.

Check out the website, whether you are a merchant, agency or developer see how BlueFoot PageBuilder could help your business.

Oleksandr Drok

Head of Products at Mirasvit

Alex serves as the Head of Products at Mirasvit, where he formulates the vision for Mirasvit's extensions, carefully curates new features, and constructs the roadmap.