Magento and Google Sheets Integration: Get automatically updated Magento reports in Google Sheets

Analyzing sales, inventory, product popularity, customer activity, and abandoned carts is crucial for any online store's efficiency. Currently, many store owners turn to Google Sheets, a versatile cloud-based spreadsheet tool, for its ease of report sharing, ability to process the data using formulas and charts, and availability from any device.

In the past, businesses had to manually import store information into Google Sheets. Now, the game has changed. No more manual data uploads from CSV files exported from the Magento database. Thanks to the Quick Access & Sharing offered by the Advanced Reports, reports are automatically updated in Google Sheets, providing you with timely data analysis.

sales by category

Get automatically updated Magento reports in Google Sheets

Your Magento store tracks and saves a lot of data about customers, sales, and orders, but it stores them in dozens of scattered tables, making it difficult to generate custom analytical reports. The Advanced Reports extension allows you to utilize all existing data in Magento and build business reports in the admin panel.

To process the report in an external program, such as Google Sheets or Excel, reports are exported as CSV files. The downside of this solution is the need to export the report every time it is updated. Using the sharing feature along with Google Sheets simplifies this process.

Simply copy the IMPORTDATA link provided by the Advanced Reports extension within the report and paste it into a new Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Note: Reports inserted to Google Sheets through the IMPORTDATA function will be automatically updated every hour.


Automatically updated charts for your business reports in Google Sheets

The IMPORTDATA function fetches information from your store every hour. This ensures that every chart and trend diagram you build to visualize the report will always be updated with fresh data.

Here is an example of an automatically updated chart for the number of orders for the first 18 days of the month:

google sheet chart with importdata

Using the Quick Access & Sharing feature

The Quick Access & Sharing feature provides two links: for quick access to the report from any device and the IMPORTDATA link for the spreadsheet editor.

Whenever someone uses the access link to view the report, they will get the most recent data.

quick share

Use IMPORTDATA link as a more convenient alternative to manual uploading of the fresh store business data into the spreadsheet editor.

google sheet import

The Quick Access & Sharing feature supports the report export in CSV, XML, HTML, and JSON formats.

What Magento reports can be exported to Google Sheets

The Quick Access & Sharing feature can be used to immediately export to Google Sheets any report you have generated in your Magento store through the Advanced Reports module. You can further analyze the report data by the Google Sheets functionality (using formulas and building charts).

sales by countries

Among others, get automatically updated reports:

  • Orders and sales (by hour, daily, weekly, by customers, by geolocation, etc.)
  • Profitability and COGS reports
  • New vs returning customers sales overview
  • Abandoned carts and products overview
  • Available inventory levels tracking
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Accounting report

new vs returning customers

Track product performance in Google Sheets

Easily monitor in Google Sheets how each of your products performs in terms of sales. Configure the report time range in your Magento admin, and then use the Quick Access & Sharing function to get this report in the spreadsheet editor.

product performance

Know how many orders are in Processing status

Tracking the statuses of orders provides valuable performance metrics for the store. This report enables the measurement of key performance indicators (KPIs) related to order fulfillment efficiency and customer service.

orders status

For example, you can see how many orders are in the Processing status at any given moment. This allows businesses to identify potential bottlenecks or delays in processing orders, enabling stores to take corrective actions and streamline order shipping operations.

The Order Status report can also be used to track orders with any other status, such as Pending or On hold, to optimize the order fulfillment process.

Other examples when Quick Access & Sharing can be useful

The Quick Access & Sharing tool is a powerful resource to enhance the effectiveness of your business reports. Here is a list of its prominent features and use cases:

  • Access to fresh store data is available from any device, including mobile.
  • Reports analyzed in Google Sheets can be automatically updated, ensuring that data tables and charts always depict the latest information.
  • Support for the Zapier automation service allows you to automate data filtering, report uploading, sharing reports via email and Slack, and much more.
  • JSON format is supported for exporting reports to external analytics tools.


Merchants seeking to stay ahead in the competitive online market have a powerful ally in the form of Magento's Advanced Reports extension. This extension automates the collection and analysis of crucial business data, including sales, inventory levels, product popularity, and customer activity, providing store owners with insightful reports derived from real sales data.

What sets this extension apart is its recent enhancement — the Quick Access & Sharing feature. This feature not only simplifies data retrieval but also facilitates seamless sharing, empowering store owners to collaborate effectively and make informed decisions.

Leverage the functionality of the Quick Access & Sharing feature of the Advanced Reports module to always have important business data accessible from any device in any place and enhance the quality of your business decisions.

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