Introducing a new Subscription Model

Recently Adobe (Magento) announced plans to give developers the option to sell extensions using the subscription model on the Adobe Commerce Marketplace.

This is a welcome move on Adobe's part. As most ecommerce platforms nowadays work using that model - a model that offers obvious benefits to both merchants and extension developers.

So we are pleased to inform you all that starting February 1, 2022 we too will be selling our products by subscription.

The new model will be similar to the way things were during Magento 1 days. You buy an extension and receive lifetime access to its original source code. You'll also get a year of free updates and product support from our team.

After that, you have the option of renewing your subscription and continuing to get free updates and support for the length of your subscription.

The most obvious advantage of this approach for you is that when you buy an extension or renew your subscription, you automatically get a full year of support from our team (instead of the current 90 days.)

We currently plan to start with annual subscriptions. And as a next step offer quarterly and monthly subscriptions. We see such an approach as very beneficial for most merchants. As it makes it possible to significantly reduce starting costs, especially when you launch a new store and need to buy a lot of extensions at once.

We are still working out the details of our subscription plan right now and would very much appreciate your comments and feedback, as they would help us make this transition as smooth and seamless as possible.

If you have any questions regarding our new model or would like to share your thoughts and suggestions, please contact us via chat or email us at [email protected].

You, our customers and partners, are the cornerstone of our business. And we always do our best to provide you with premium quality products and exceptional support. We very much appreciate your business. Thank you for being with us.

Mirasvit Team

Oleksandr Drok

Head of Products at Mirasvit

Alex serves as the Head of Products at Mirasvit, where he formulates the vision for Mirasvit's extensions, carefully curates new features, and constructs the roadmap.