SEO friendly URL look like http://[]/electronics/laptops.html. Its antipode is URLs like http://[]/category.php?id=123123. Google and other search engines prefer web sites with friendly URLs and usually they are higher in the search results if all other factors are equal.

Magento allows to setup META tags for all store and for each category or product.

Magento Connect has a few modules which extend SEO features of Magento. Mirasvit has developed a custom SEO extension to solve many SEO problems .

Have a look at some features:

1. Almost every e-commerce website has a few thousands of products. And it’s really hard to setup META tags for each product manually. Our SEO module allows you to setup templates of META tags for every catalog category. Using those templates Magento will automatically generate META tags for sub-categories and its products. Templates can contain any attributes of categories or products.

Let’s give an example. For some category we have assigned following templates:

  • for all sub-categories: “In store {store_name} you can buy {category_name} {brand_name} with … “
  • for all products: “In store {store_name} you can buy {product_name}  for only {product_price}. {product_brand} has color {product_color}  …”

2. Usually first page of every products list can be opened by such URLs: http://[sitename].com/[catalog]/page.html and http://[sitename].com/[catalog]/page.html?p=1. And both links are exists on website and indexed by search engines. That’s why we have duplicated content. It has negative impact on the search results. Our module removes this flaw. On store we use only URLs like http://[sitename].com/[catalog]/page.html and we have 301 redirect from the second one.

3. Within the same category results of layered navigation filtering contain the same or very similar content. In the eyes of the search engine they are duplicates. As a result, the value of the page with the list of products is sharply reduced for search engines.

To avoid this, our module adds a META tag  to all results of layered navigation filtering (except filtering by brand) . By this way, we prohibit the search engine to index duplicated pages.

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