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The global e-commerce market is booming, with retail e-commerce sales jumped from $3774.71 to $4223.44 billion throughout the previous year, and estimates show it could rise to $6656.29 billion in 2028, meaning a significant rise is anticipated over the coming year near to 12%.


With this immense and rapidly expanding investment opportunity, companies find themselves keen to capture a share of this financial pie. Magento, an advanced online shopping system, can definitely help by owing to the extensive range of capabilities it offers for business of any size. The short list belonging to the system's capabilities includes tailored online storefronts, optimized client interactions, alongside streamlined operations.

Through its customizable solutions and scalability, Magento empowers firms to effectively tap into the global e-commerce market's vast potential. However, launching an e-commerce store can be a complex and multifaceted endeavor, and seeking help from a Magento development agency can be instrumental for problem-free start to be secured.

Among hundreds of Magento development agencies, each offering unique skills or assistance, it may be hard to even write down a short list of potential agencies for hiring. In this situation, use Mirasvit's expertise and check its network of esteemed partners across the USA, Netherlands, UK, Denmark, and multiple different regions. These partnerships ensure businesses receive top-tier web solutions.

The positive impact on enterprises when they recruit a Magento development company

Magento offers extensive functionality and flexibility, yet its sophisticated nature can present hurdles for individuals lacking technical proficiency. Engaging a specialized Magento developer agency supplies the necessary expertise to manage installation/setup/customization, adapting the solution to suit the unique needs of the enterprise.

Each digital storefront possesses individual necessities, and Magento website development companies can adapt the solution to fit, whether that means developing unique themes, implementing custom options or connecting with additional systems like financial transactions and logistics providers. Additionally, ensuring the site operates swiftly is crucial for user satisfaction and search engine optimization (SEO). These agencies enhance site's visual appeal while making it to cope with high traffic volumes without sacrificing speed.

Once live, continuous support and servicing of Magento likewise require tech skills. Magento web development companies provide services of resolving any emerging issues, applying updates, and ensuring the store runs seamlessly. Relying on the proficiency of Magento development agencies, enterprises can prevent costly errors.

List of Magento development agency

1. Top Magento companies Netherlands

HYPR - Magento Development Agency


Situated in Rijswijk, Netherlands, HYPR is a Magento development agency and Adobe Bronze Solution Partner. Excelling in creating top-tier e-commerce solutions, the agency offers an array of services. These include Magento 2 migrations, conducting performance assessments, integrating custom solutions, and optimizing e-commerce SEO. Additionally, HYPR presents HYPRstack, a platform engineered to elevate the efficiency of online stores.

This Magento store development company caters to various market leaders. Their solutions bring substantial enhancements in both performance and user experience. With an in-house team comprising specialists in Magento development, also UX/design/content marketing, the agency prioritizes transparency and ongoing enhancement.

Their notable projects include increasing clicks by 50% for ParfumWebshop after store rebuild, and converting 6 separate stores into one Magento 2 webstore for Bootman brand, which lead to 34% increase in conversions.

Ecomwise – Magento 2 web Development Agency


Ecomwise, based in Utrecht, Netherlands, and since 2013, the company has been dedicated to providing B2B e-commerce solutions. Utilizing a team of extensively trained experts, their focus lies in Magento 2 development, creating bespoke B2B features, integrating ERP systems, and delivering ongoing support and maintenance.

They have worked on over 100 webshops and implemented more than 50 webshop integrations. Ecomwise is an Adobe Bronze Solution Partner and highly rated by clients, boasting an impressive customer satisfaction score of 8.9 out of 10.

X-com – Magento Development Company


X-com, another Magento development agency from Netherlands. Crafting personalized e-commerce solutions to precisely match the unique requirements of each client, they provide an array of services covering development/design/consultancy/optimization. X-com places great emphasis on collaborating closely with clients to deliver webshops that are both scalable and high-performing.

This Magento 2 web development agency has achieved notable successes for its clients, such as a 90% growth in website traffic originating from natural search sources for Nuva Keukens and a 160% rise in the rate of conversions for display campaigns of Zorgloket Germany. Ensuring comprehensive optimization of all e-commerce facets to effectively achieve client objectives, their approach is holistic.

Vicus – Magento Development Agency


Vicus, an expert in Magento, has over two decades of industry experience. The company has assisted more than 500 clients, successfully completing numerous projects, including CRM implementations, webshop developments, and system integrations. They emphasize the use of open-source software and provide comprehensive services in marketing, sales, for both B2B and B2C markets.

2. Magento digital agencies from United Kingdom

Aware Digital – Magento Company


Aware Digital is a UK-based full-service eCommerce agency located in Stoke-on-Trent and specializing in Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce) development. Its achievements include the Bronze Adobe Solution Partner, and the leading UK agency for Hyvä builds with over 30 successfully finished projects. Some of the clients were high revenue merchants (15M+ pounds).

This Magento website development agency offers a team of certified Magento 2 experts who deliver comprehensive services since 2016. The expertise on development/audits/migration/support is supplied alongside performance marketing and UX design. Aware Digital boasts a strong track record of notable projects like a 330% increase in page loading speed for Ivel Valley, and data migration to Adobe Commerce for The Grass People brand. Currently, this top Magento company works on a Magento project for one of world’s audio equipment suppliers.

Foundation Commerce – Magento Web Developers


Foundation Commerce is a Bronze Adobe Solution Partner and Hyva Gold Partner. Based in the UK, this eCommerce agency concentrates on crafting customized Magento solutions, specializing in constructing scalable, high-functioning eCommerce platforms targeting both B2B and B2C markets. Employing a collaborative strategy, the agency closely collaborates with clients to deliver personalized solutions driving growth and enriching user experience. While detailed statistics and case studies were not immediately accessible during the search, Foundation Commerce values its technical proficiency and client-centered approach.

The list of notable projects of this Magento development company includes 141% revenue and 43% conversion increase for Citizen, Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration for Calais Wine, 4 times conversion increase and +80% revenue for Peter Tyson through Magento upgrade and Hyva theme development.

Wind & Kite – Magento 2 Agency


Operating from London, Wind & Kite is a digital agency providing a wide array of web-related services, spanning store development, marketing, and web design. Their objective is to furnish customized eCommerce solutions fostering online business success. Combining creative design with technical acumen, Wind & Kite's team constructs captivating, high-functioning websites. The agency prioritizes enhancing conversions and ensuring a frictionless user experience.

Its most notable projects include working on Magento-based stores for UK's fashion and watersports hardware seller Shore Watersports, and DIY products seller Mad4tools. The agency also regularly conducts growth investigation on all its clients.

Advanced Logic – Magento Development Company


Advanced Logic specializes in delivering sophisticated eCommerce solutions using Magento 2. The agency excels in enhancing customer interactions and efficiently managing tasks. Boasting a team of certified Magento developers, they provide customized solutions to boost online sales. As an Adobe Solution Partner, they collaborate with industry leaders like Hyvä Themes and top Magento extension developers.

3. Top Magento agencies from Denmark

TRIC Solutions – Magento Service Providers


TRIC Solutions, based in Aalborg, Denmark, is a highly experienced Magento agency specializing in installation, configuration, design, development, and extension of Magento platforms. Established in 2009, TRIC Solutions has a small, dedicated team of designers and developers.

They offer a wide range of services, including the development of Magento modules, integration with external systems, and comprehensive support and maintenance services. The company is known for its popular modules such as those for GLS and PakkeShop, E-conomic integration, and PostNord integration. Clients have praised TRIC Solutions for their expertise and reliability in managing and developing Magento-based e-commerce solutions.

Its portfolio includes dozens of happy clients, including Carlsberg Group, Trendcover, Manillo, Pixizoo.



Navipartner is one of the prominent Magento agencies with over 150 employees and more than 20 years of experience in the IT services industry. They focus on the implementation of ERP systems, the development of e-commerce solutions including Magento, and integration with various business systems. The company serves over 300 clients globally, primarily in the retail and distribution sectors.

TraktionDK – Magento Ecommerce Development Agency


TraktionDK delivers an extensive CRM and sales management solution that features synchronized sales monitoring, Kanban-style workflows, an insightful sales dashboard, call handling, performance analytics, and product oversight tools. The platform is designed to streamline sales operations, enhance performance through coaching and training, and offer detailed analytics for informed decision-making. It seamlessly integrates various sales activities, covering the entire process from lead generation to final delivery.

Salecto PD – Magento Development Company


Salecto PD (Product Development) is aiming to enhance e-commerce capabilities. This Magento development agency focuses on creating top-tier user experiences and a strong SEO framework, making it a superior option compared to the standard Magento 2 setup.

With over 100 different modules and integrations, Salecto's expetise allows businesses to modify their webshops to meet specific requirements. They emphasize SEO to ensure all developments comply with Google's guidelines, boosting website traffic.

Salecto also offers comprehensive support and advisory services throughout the week, assisting users in effectively managing and optimizing their webshops.

4. Magento development companies in USA

DotcomWeavers – Magento Development Company


Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Morristown, NJ, DotcomWeavers excels in delivering eCommerce solutions for both B2B and B2C markets, utilizing Adobe Commerce and Magento. Their team of professionals has executed over 160 projects utilizing Adobe Commerce for a diverse range of businesses, irrespective of their size or industry.

At the heart of their services lie customized website design, resilient eCommerce development, seamless ERP integration, and proactive support, all aimed at guaranteeing peak website functionality. Specializing in crafting personalized solutions for both B2B and B2C commerce, their expertise lies in enriching user experience with customized UX designs, scalable integrations, and automated marketing tactics.

DotcomWeavers also provides project rescue services to revitalize stalled development projects, ensuring they meet business goals effectively. They extend their proficiency by employing data-centric tactics to enhance online visibility, increase website traffic, and optimize conversion rates. Their commitment to client satisfaction is evident in their client-focused strategy, marked by transparent communication and prompt responsiveness.

Staylime – Magento Developer Agency


Staylime, established in 2015, according to its Linkedin page, and based in Redwood City, CA, provides a wide range of Magento development solutions, encompassing theme creation, bespoke extensions, and integration with external platforms. However, this agency works globally with the list of its clients from UK, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Hungary. Notable projects include the migration and theme development for Mageworx, showcasing their ability to handle complex Magento implementations under tight deadlines.

Within their domain, they specialize in consultation, bespoke development, extension creation, and UI/UX design. Additionally, their services span theme generation, migration to Magento 2, system harmonization, SEO enhancement, and continuous maintenance and assistance. As an Adobe Solution Partner, they collaborate with a diverse clientele, tailoring solutions to augment online efficacy.

5. Top magento development companies from other countries

Stenik Group – Magento Development Company


Stenik Group, situated in Sofia, Bulgaria, stands as a prominent agency specializing in eCommerce and Magento development. Founded in 2004, the company has successfully delivered over 1000 projects to more than 800 clients.

The firm's expertise lies in online stores and corporate websites, with a focus on modern design and powerful eCommerce functionalities. Stenik's workforce ranges from consultants and analysts to system architects, developers, UX/UI designers, and other eCommerce experts. This multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive support tailored to meet diverse client needs.

Stenik's portfolio boasts collaborations with notable brands such as Douglas, Ozone, AIKO, Tehnomix, and Teodor. The company is an official Adobe Bronze Solution Partner and Hyvä Supplier.

Tin Soldier – Magento Web Development Agency


Operating out of Auckland, New Zealand since 1997, Tin Soldier is a digital agency offering services in web design, ecommerce solutions, digital marketing, and data analytics. The agency boasts a broad client base including brands like PGG Wrightson, Dimples, and The Warehouse Group.

Known for delivering top-notch customer experiences through intuitive websites and web applications, Tin Soldier collaborates with platforms such as Adobe Commerce to provide powerful and adaptable ecommerce solutions.

WebVision – Magento Company


Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, WebVision excels in the fields of website creation and digital promotion. The company has distinguished itself with its all-inclusive services for websites, ensuring that clients' sites are both operational and optimized for increased online exposure. Renowned for its dependable and high-quality services, WebVision has become a favored partner for businesses seeking to improve their online presence.



eWings, based in Belgium, excels in creating and integrating online stores for both B2B and B2C markets. Their services encompass marketplace integrations and online marketing. With over a decade of expertise, their team is fully in-house and certified in e-commerce. Their client roster includes major brands like IKEA, Disney, and ACE Lighting. eWings provides robust technological solutions such as Magento 2 platform, along with marketing tools to boost e-commerce performance.

Perspective Studio


Perspective Studio, operating out of Kyiv, Ukraine, is a premier web development firm with a niche focus on Magento. With a robust presence spanning over 13 years, the company boasts a team of professionals, including front-end and back-end developers, quality assurance engineers, and DevOps/SysOps specialists. The team predominantly comprises seasoned middle and senior developers, each with more than five years of Magento experience.

The company's service portfolio encompasses web design, development, migration, audits. Perspective Studio's wrk is exemplified by their Breeze theme for Magento 2, which significantly improves store performance by reducing JavaScript complexity and enhancing CSS delivery. As an official Adobe Solution Partner, Perspective Studio integrates deeply with the Magento ecosystem.

Studio Raz – Magento Development Company


Studio Raz is a Magento development agency based in Israel, famous for building top-tier online stores, they prioritize ongoing enhancement and research to boost sales after launch. Their user interface design aims to create intuitive, sales-driven interfaces, ensuring customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience. Studio Raz delivers customized technological solutions to make online stores more intelligent and sales-effective, positioning themselves as dedicated partners in their clients' e-commerce ventures.

Some of their notable projects include Delicatessen, a ready-made food and bakery store; Panko, an alcohol retailer; Amita Bakery, a bakery; Kinneret Zmora-Bitan Dvir, a publishing house; Best Mobile, a mobile and electronics store; 1item, home accessories; Maclocks, mobile device security solutions; Linenz, quality bedding; and The Commando, military equipment for recruits.

Studio Raz also develops various Magento extensions, including custom address solutions for local businesses and integrations with payment processors.

Mage Montreal


Mage Montreal, established in 2007, is a specialized agency based in Brossard, Quebec, Canada, focused on Magento and Adobe Commerce development. As a Bronze-certified Adobe partner, they are recognized for their expertise and trusted collaboration with Adobe.

Mage Montreal provides comprehensive web development services, assisting businesses in creating robust e-commerce platforms. They also offer migration services, including transitions from Magento 1 to Magento 2, and integrations with third-party systems like Amazon, SAP, QuickBooks, Spire ERP, and Google Shopping. Their support and maintenance plans ensure the smooth operation of Magento sites.

The company's notable client successes include an 85% increase in revenue for The Flag Shop within one year. BeautySense also reported significant improvements in site functionality and ongoing support.



Velocity (VLCT), headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, excels in developing contemporary e-commerce solutions, marketing plans, and web applications. As a certified Adobe Magento partner, they deliver customized services for both B2B and B2C markets. Their offerings encompass Magento and B2B e-commerce implementations. Notable clients include AkzoNobel, MTV, and Vestel.

Kiubo – Magento Website Development Agency


Kiubo GmbH, based in Switzerland, delivers customized e-commerce solutions for SMEs. Their services encompass consulting, UX design, system integrations, along with digital marketing support such as SEO and paid advertising. Their diverse projects feature online shops with capabilities including affiliate marketing, ticket sales, virtual try-on options, and product configurators.

FAQ on Magento 2 development companies

Advantages of Engaging a Magento Agency

Partnering with a leading Magento firm introduces a vast array of expertise and experience. Their deep understanding of the Magento platform guarantees top-notch solutions. Additionally, a top Magento development company offers bespoke services tailored to meet unique business requirements. They can develop specialized functionalities and features that perfectly align with the brand's identity.

How to successfully collaborate with Magento developer?

Effectively partnering with top Magento web development companies requires transparent communication, well-articulated objectives, and an organized strategy. Begin by detailing the project's business goals. Establish the project scope clearly, specifying the desired features and functionalities, and set a feasible budget and timeline.

Create a detailed project plan that includes a comprehensive roadmap, clear milestones, and well-defined roles and responsibilities for both store team and the development company. Proper documentation is key; maintain detailed project documentation for all requirements and ensure the development company provides thorough code documentation.

Prepare for post-launch support by agreeing on a maintenance and support plan that includes bug fixes and updates. Finally, conduct a post-project review to evaluate the developer's performance and the overall success of the project to identify areas for improvement.

What are pricing models for Magento companies?

Cost structures for Magento development services differ based on project complexity, the development team's expertise, and the client's specific requirements. Below are some typical pricing models:

  • Fixed price:

    • Description: In this model, the client and the development agency agree on a fixed price for the entire project.
    • When to use: Ideal for projects with clearly outlined requirements and scope, where the client possesses a solid understanding of their needs.
    • Advantages: Predictable costs, clear timeline, and well-defined deliverables.
    • Disadvantages: Less flexibility for changes or additions to the project scope.
  • Hourly rate model:

    • Description: The client is charged based on the number of hours spent on the project by the development team.
    • When to use: Ideal for projects with evolving requirements or for ongoing maintenance and support.
    • Advantages: Flexibility to adjust the project scope, easy to track and manage hours worked.
    • Disadvantages: Costs can be unpredictable if the project scope expands significantly.
  • Dedicated team model:

    • Description: A team of developers is exclusively allocated to the client’s project for a set duration, with the client paying a consistent monthly rate.
    • When to use: Ideal for extended projects or clients requiring ongoing development and support..
    • Advantages: Access to a dedicated team, better collaboration, and continuous development.
    • Disadvantages: Higher overall costs, commitment to a long-term contract.
  • Milestone-based model:

    • Description: Payments are made based on the completion of predefined milestones or phases of the project.
    • When to use: Works well for large projects with clear phases and deliverables.
    • Advantages: Encourages progress tracking, reduces risk for the client, payments are tied to tangible results.
    • Disadvantages: Requires detailed project planning, potential delays in payments if milestones are not met on time.
  • Value-based pricing:

    • Description: The pricing is based on the perceived value and benefits that the project will deliver to the client.
    • When to use: Suitable for projects that can significantly impact the client’s business, such as a complete eCommerce overhaul.
    • Advantages: Aligns the interests of the client and the development agency, focuses on delivering high value.
    • Disadvantages: Requires a deep understanding of the client’s business and clear metrics to measure value.
  • Subscription:

    • Description: Clients pay a recurring fee, usually monthly or annually, to facilitate continuous advancement, care, and aid provisions.
    • When to use: Ideal for businesses that need continuous updates coupled with aid for their Magento shop.
    • Advantages: Predictable monthly costs, continuous improvements, and support.
    • Disadvantages: Long-term financial commitment, costs may add up over time.

Wrapping up

The international online retail market has seen substantial growth, with retail transactions soaring while offering vast opportunities. With the right Magento development agency, businesses can effectively harness these opportunities to achieve remarkable success.

Magento, a powerful and flexible digital marketplace platform, offers businesses an extensive set of instruments and features that can help them tap into this market potential effectively. Its capabilities include creating tailored online storefronts, enhancing processes. However, navigating the complexities of launching and maintaining a commerce outlet powered by Magento can be challenging without the right expertise.

Collaborating with a specialized Magento development agency significantly enhances the probability of achieving favorable outcomes. These premier companies adept in web development bring forth crucial technical proficiencies to oversee installation, configuration, and personalization, thus tailoring the platform to suit the unique needs of each enterprise. Moreover, they deliver personalized remedies, whether it be through exclusive designs, specific capabilities, or integration with external platforms like payment gateways and logistics services.

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