Adding Value Loyalty Program For Magento Store: Reward Points + Referral Program

What are the true goals of any loyalty program? How to create a really effective loyalty program for Magento 2? Consider the following important tips before running it within your store:

Choosing a Customer Loyalty Program with the Customer in Mind

25% of consumers in the U.S. are Millennials (18-34 years aged) and their slogan is “Save money any way I can” (according to Excentus research “What Drives Millennials Loyalty?”, November, 2015). This is actually a killing fact potentially able to bring your ideas down to differentiate in pricing only to resonate with Millennials. But watch out: now consumers have all possible choices and variations. They are free to choose from a huge variety of products/brands/loyalty programs and switch between them within a couple of minutes (Millennials especially). So, remember, pricing cannot be the only one differentiator in your online store!

What’s next? How to run the most relevant, engaging and effective loyalty program for the widest consumer segment these days? Millennials?

Try these tips out:

  • Be Fun & Creative: 34% of Millennials joined and participated in loyalty programs due to their FUN (
  • Go Mobile: Millennials rely on mobile apps (33%), smartphones/tablets (27%) or wearable devices (7%) to check their rewards status ( and 18% of millennials stopped participating in a program because it lacked a smartphone app (
  • Start Personalizing: 40% of millennials joined a program for access to members-only sales, products and services (
  • Stay Relevant: 49% of millennials stopped using a loyalty program after receiving irrelevant communications (

Tips for Creating Best Loyalty Programs

Top 1 reason customers continue to use a loyalty program is its simplicity for understanding (81% by Straight to the point! Every store should keep its loyalty program clear and easy to use. So, try to follow these steps to drive more sales to your repeat customers:

  • Keep earning and spending rules clear and transparent: your customers deserve to know their opportunities and access them any time they need.
  • Be creative, but simple: 54% of consumers stopped participating in loyalty programs due to it was very hard to earn points for rewards (
  • Use rhyming in your loyalty program: it’s a common fact, that rhymes go to understanding easier!

Retaining Customers with Loyalty Programs

77% of transaction-based programs actually fail in the first two years ( Since 97% of all loyalty programs ever are transaction-based, you may get a rough estimate of probability they’ll fail. But cheer up! Your online store doesn’t need to follow losers’ experience. Just follow our advice instead:

  • Add some values resonating with your customers: 63% of millennials said it’s important that their loyalty program participation supported their lifestyle preferences such as wellness programs, sustainability efforts or a charity (
  • Include gamification elements to your Magento loyalty program: 27% of millennials continued their participation in a loyalty program because it featured a competitive game, or a social element such as badges, leaderboards or communities (
  • Reward your customers for every their interaction with your brand, not only for purchases: Pepsi does it every time and you probably know its results!

Involving Customers through Social Networks

Rewarding for social networks sharing.

Appreciate customers for their social networking interaction with your brand. With this feature you kill two birds with one stone:

  • Let customers socialize sharing their preferences and values.
  • Allow buyers to earn points as easy as it’s ever possible, engaging them with your brand more and more!

Here are several features to help your program resonate with your buyers and engage them with your store:

Setting Clear and Transparent Spending Rules

Reward points dashboard in customer’s account interface.

Make your system of spending rules simple and clear for customers. Everything customer needs to know about his / her reward points is in the foreground:

  • Points Amount.
  • Earning and Spending Rules.
  • Transaction history.

No hidden actions, everything is clear and easy to understand!

Earning Rules within the Loyalty Program

![Earning rules in the backend interface.])(

Introduce easy, but advanced and flexible earning and spending rules! Here’s the basis for bringing your loyalty program to life! Step by step creation process is simple and allows not to distract from the current key points.

Applying rules you are able to implement every condition of your store loyalty program, be it social networks activities, referring a friend or just a purchase.

Simplicity in Spending Points

Spending points while checkout in just 1 click.

Easy come, easy go! Introduce a simple and transparent process of using points. With Reward Points + Referral Program solution your customers won’t experience any issues spending their points! There’s a box in the shopping cart where they are able to control the number of points to spend in the current order.

Moreover, every buyer sees at the same screen the number of points earned for this order. Also, they are able to view the additional promotional offers, like: “Order 3 or more products and get double points!”. Within Magento 2 loyalty program the customer can easily manage their account and be motivated to buy in your store.

Customer Loyalty Program For Magento 2

One of the best solutions is applying extensions for Magento loyalty program which makes your online store more attractive to your customers. Mirasvit summarized the basic, but absolutely necessary needs of store customers and released the advanced solution for loyalty programs: Reward Points + Referral Program. Clear interface of the extension, opportunity for social networking activity, convenient system of reward for the customers - these are among the features for best loyalty program plugins for Magento 2.

So, let’s summarize and answer the above-mentioned questions: What are the true goals of any loyalty program? And How to make a really effective program?

The true goals of the effective loyalty program are like the following:

  • Run the most relevant and resonating loyalty program with your customers: get more returning buyers and increase your sales!
  • Consider customers values and needs: let them satisfy their social or charity needs and will be loyal!
  • Keep it fun, creative and simple!
  • Apply for Magento 2 Customer Loyalty Program!
Oleksandr Drok

Head of Products at Mirasvit

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