How To Handle Magento Ecommerce SEO? Advanced SEO Suite - The Ultimate Solution!

Chances are, if you are reading this review, that you heard about the alternative ways to take control of this situation. Advanced SEO Suite extension from Mirasvit is the must-have perfect way to settle your store SEO aspects. It was designed to solve all SEO issues for your Magento shop and save your money on expensive SEO experts!

Understanding all store owners concerns and analyzing search engines requirements, Mirasvit released the Advanced SEO Suite extension – ready-made solution covering all basic and advanced SEO options. Installing it, forget your previous SEO-related worries and start driving more organic sales to your store!

Advanced SEO Suite solves 7 biggest Magento ecommerce store SEO issues:

1. Managing rich snippets (read more about What are Rich Snippets here)

Earlier, to make your Products eligible for search engines rich snippets, you had to add structured data manually, then assured to comply with all policies.

Advanced SEO Suite does almost everything for you automatically: you just should fill out a few fields and let it go! Can’t wait for what you get? Here is the result:

Before After
SERP without rich snippets rich snippets magento

2. Creating Breadcrumbs (read more about What are Breadcrumbs here).

In the same way as for Rich Snippets, before, to create and manage breadcrumbs you should have executed several manual actions, including coding.

Advanced SEO Suite provides you with the opportunity to make breadcrumbs automatically available in search engines result pages in a little while! All you should do is just 1 click! Here’s what you get after all:

Before After
SERP without rich snippets rich snippets magento

3. Internal Cross-linking.

Since internal cross-links are one of the most important search engines ranking factors, it’s obvious you need to pay them some portion of your time. But what if your store has a few thousand items? Apparently you can’t handle internal cross-linking manually in this case.

Advanced SEO Suite suggests you to set the list of pages to add links automatically just once and relax! The extension will follow your once set up cross-linking rules by default until you change them.

4. Redirects handling.

There are 2 main redirects: 301 and 302. Both of them are extremely important for search engines and their crawlers. Here are short definitions for the redirects:

301 redirects for ecommerce
I bet you’ve heard about them a lot, but I doubt you know how to manage them easily! Advanced SEO Suite allows you to set up “301 Moved Permanently” redirects using wildcards within a few moments! This can significantly reduce the number of “404 Not Found” errors indicated by Google Webmaster Tools.

Your online store organic traffic is kept even after migrating from one platform to another or if you have mirror stores! Isn’t it amazing? Advanced SEO Suite lets you relax and watch your sales grow!

5. Sitemap Creation.

A sitemap is the must-have element for every ecommerce store. It shows search engines the exact structure of your shop and lets them get the information about it more intelligently.

There are a lot of tools generating sitemaps, but the issue is most of them are hardly controlled and create sitemaps by default.

Advanced SEO Suite will generate sitemap (XML or Frontend, it’s up to you) for your online store consistent with your requests. Even if you don’t wish to change extension defaults, your sitemap will be perfect!

6. Avoiding Duplicate Content.

Most search engines can exclude your store from SERP for any kind of duplicate content. As you probably heard, one of the ways to fight duplicate content is setting up Canonical URLs. It’s extremely important for every Magento shop because you need to:

  • avoid search engine filters;
  • get relevant tracking metrics for every single product;
  • show your visitors the most appropriate store pages.

Advanced SEO Suite extension allows you to handle canonical URLs without any efforts due to its clear and transparent backend interface settings. Just choose the desired option in every dropdown box in the appropriate section and enjoy the results!

7. Creating SEO Templates for Products and Categories Meta Tags.

Meta Tags is the easiest way to provide search engines with the relevant information about your items. But if you have more a hundred products, it’s time to think about some kind of templates for them. The most common meta tags are:

  • Meta Title;
  • Meta keywords (if you need to, as search engines are not crawling this section anymore);
  • Meta Description.

Advanced SEO Suite extension provides you with the capabilities not only to manage product information like product name (heading title), short and full product description in more flexible manner but also add additional useful information using SEO Description block.

Advanced SEO Suite allows you to manage them effortlessly. Moreover, you can customize them, using variable templates for any of the abovementioned meta tags. For example, it is a good idea to use the following statement for Meta Description Tag:

[filter_selected_options] [category_name] ★★★★★ good prices, favorable terms of delivery and payment – [store_name] [| Call us {store_phone}]

As a result, you’ll get the following Meta description:

Asus, Red, Black Intel Core I5 Notebook ★★★★★ good prices, favorable terms of delivery and payment – The Best Store | Call us (888) 111-11-11”


The abovementioned SEO aspects are only the beginning of SEO scope covered by Advanced SEO Suite. It also includes:

  • Rewrites Management for meta tags of the product and category pages;
  • conditional rules to set all SEO workflows to meet your store needs;
  • images alternative description;
  • SEO page analysis with SEO Toolbar;
  • Social Open Graph Settings;
  • Setting Relationship Tags (pagination – previous/next, alternative etc. related to Canonical URL settings);
  • Built-In Robots.txt Editor etc.


Accept the fact, that SEO is one of the most important activities for Magento ecommerce stores. And it’s not easy to handle it just like that. Regardless there are a lot of ways to keep your SEO activities up to date, you should consider the priorities: saving money and driving more sales prevail anyway.

Giving a short summary, I would recommend you to install Advanced SEO Suite to:

  • reduce costs on SEO experts, outsourcing companies etc.;
  • make every product of your Magento store visible in search engines;
  • get higher positions in SERP;
  • drive more organic traffic to your shop;
  • increase orders number from organic search.
Oleksandr Drok

Head of Products at Mirasvit

Alex serves as the Head of Products at Mirasvit, where he formulates the vision for Mirasvit's extensions, carefully curates new features, and constructs the roadmap.