Introducing search results with rich snippets:

Rich Snippets

? and without rich snippets:

Without Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are structured data mark-ups, that are recognized by the biggest search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex), basically, because they (search engines) initiated the creation of – a vocabulary of schemas for the structured data on the Internet.

In other words, schemas are the structured sets of tags supposed to help search engines get the maximum information about your web page.

In ecommerce, the most commonly used schema`s category is Product with the following properties:

  1. aggregateRating – displays overall rating, using the collection of reviews of the particular product;
  2. brand – simply shows the product brand;
  3. model – shows the model of the particular brand product;
  4. review – displays the current number of item reviews;
  5. price – price of the item;
  6. SKU – or the Stock Keeping Unit, a merchant-specific identifier for each item, or the product ID to which the offer refers.

And the next mark-up, which is related not only to the Product category, but also to the website in general, is so-called breadcrumbs schema. They are even more significant for every ecommerce store.

Customer seeing them, notices at a glance the categories he/she is looking for at the online stores. This most likely prevents store owners from accidental clicks and high bounce rate. Here is how breadcrumbs appear in Google SERP:

Product Rating Rich Snippet

Okay, this is exciting, isn’t it? But what about rich snippets and breadcrumbs implementation in Magento?

Magento 1

Unfortunately, in Magento 1 this can only be executed by inserting manually the code in PHTML files. This works in case you don’t have a special extension, of course.

But if you do have it installed, here is how these features are implemented in Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite for instance:

Advanced SEO Suite Admin pPanel

Now let’s check out what`s changed using Google Structured Data Testing Tool and which data became available to crawlers. I decided to pick a random store page to run a check process:


Test results:

Google structured data testing tool

It worked! The whole set of data became available to search engines. We suggest you examining your own website using Structured Data Testing Tool to figure out what Google can get about it:

Magento 2

What about Magento 2? Developers made a bold claim right in the box interface, that there`s no need to make modifications to get rich snippets ready.

To figure out which snippets Magento 2 supports without any extensions added, I decided to run a test using same old Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

Test results showed me the following:

Google structured data testing tool rich snippets in Magento 2

Apparently, the Price, Rating, SKU, Description, Category – all basic snippets – are integrated into Magento 2, which covers pretty much the essential information about the Product. Unfortunately, Organization or any other data is not available.

So, if your company is already popular among your target audience or you are going to bring it to life, rich snippets will influence your rankings in long-term perspective.

To enable wider range of SEO options in Magento 2, you should modify built-in templates using FTP and add missing schemas manually. But the good news is you can always use special Advanced SEO Suite extension to simplify the SEO processes in your online store.

Regardless the Magento CMS version you use, keep in mind that SERPs are changing through the time, and in 1 or 2 years it will be hard to find plain text on the first 4-5 pages of the search results.

Today rich snippets and breadcrumbs are sort of competitive advantage, but tomorrow they will become a strong necessity for every ecommerce store.

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