New Module: Advanced Reviews for Magento 2

There is a direct link between user reviews and your sales. Even one or two reviews on a product page can lift the conversion rate by 52.2%. Product pages with dozens of reviews have a two times higher conversion rate than pages with no reviews.

Reviews are the primary reason for customers to make a purchase decision. You can make reviews in your store even more informative and detailed, effectively boosting their positive effect on conversions. Meet our new module Advanced Reviews.

Why user-generated product reviews are the key to your sales

A majority (88%) of consumers place the same level of trust in online reviews as they do in personal recommendations. Moreover, almost 72% of consumers reveal that positive reviews play a crucial role in fostering their trust in businesses.

Here is how a number of user reviews on a product page lift its conversion rate:


User-generated product ratings and reviews are the most powerful thing when talking about a purchase decision-making. Opinions of other customers have become the most significant factor among shoppers. Almost 94% of purchasers consider product ratings and reviews the top factor, while the price is considered as a top factor only by 91% of purchasers.


How the Advanced Reviews extension is useful for your store

The Advanced Reviews extension for Magento2 is a tool to increase both the quantity and the quality of the reviews. It brings structure and informativeness to the review section of your online store.

Our module is an advanced reviews platform for a Magento store that offers several features for improving the reviews section:

  • Allows visitors to quickly understand your products with the AI aggregation of reviews. The powerful artificial intelligence analyzes user-generated reviews and provides a single summary that saves time and effort for visitors to the product page.
  • Offers quick navigation to the most useful reviews.
  • Highlights reviews from people who actually own the product.
  • Adds an extra layer of relevance to the review by disclosing the purchased product details (color, size, etc.), and location of the reviewer.

Compelling visitors to make a purchase is an art, and our tool plays a crucial role in this persuasion. By highlighting positive Magento 2 product reviews from genuine buyers, the module instills confidence in hesitant visitors, nudging them towards becoming purchasers.

Get structured feedback from product buyers

The default Magento review offers a limited approach to structured reviews. Customers may only leave the rating level for the product, write a brief summary, and the body of their review. A shopper who wants to understand the product based on its reviews has to devote effort and time to read and analyze them.

Our module makes it simple for anyone to understand the product by reading its reviews. The extension adds additional PROs and CONs fields to the review form that allow quickly understanding products' advantages and disadvantages.


Increase the review quality with user-generated product images

Almost 21% of shoppers say the quality review is the one that has product images and videos alongside the text. And 74% of potential shoppers prefer customers' photos rather than professionally shot images.

Product photos in the real world allow potential buyers to grasp the actual size, style, and look of the item. However, the default Magento reviews form does not provide an option for a reviewer to illustrate his opinion on a product with images.

Give your customers an opportunity to visually illustrate how the product looks and feels in the real world. Use the Advanced Reviews module to add a photo gallery to the reviews. It is up to you to decide how many images can be uploaded per each review. The default image number is 5, but you can set it up from 1 to 20 images.


Increase trustworthiness for reviews in your store

Our module makes user opinions on a product more relevant and trustworthy with three options:


  • Purchased product details
  • Verified buyer marking
  • The reviewer's location

One product may have several variants of different colors, sizes, etc. With the purchased product details presented in the review, it becomes clearer which product variant the review is about.

The green Verified Buyer mark informs that a review was written by a person who has actually bought the product. Such a mark is assigned when the order on the product has obtained a completed status.

To make reviews even more useful, the Advanced Reviews extension shows the reviewer's location. This helps to understand how relevant the review is.

For example, an actual product owner from Italy has written, "A very warm jacket for the winter." However, winter varies in every country; Italy has a warm winter, and it is typically freezing cold in Norway during winter. Obviously, the jacket that is warm for the Italian winter will be too cold for the Norwegian winter.

How would you know if the jacket will be warm for the winter in your country? The displayed reviewer location will help to understand more about the review.

Save time for your customers with an AI-generated reviews summary

Reports show that when a product page has over 100 reviews, its conversion rate jumps over 250%.

While it is definitely beneficial for a page to have a great number of user-generated reviews, potential shoppers may avoid reading them. That is why the Advanced Reviews extension offers a brief summary of reviews to save the reader's time while providing all essential information on a product.


The powerful ChatGPT artificial intelligence (Elon Musk called it scary good) analyzes the ten last reviews and displays the summary. It includes:

  • Written review summary based on all analyzed opinions
  • Combined PROs and CONs of the product
  • Average user rating value
  • Product images

Keep in mind that ChatGPT is a third-party service, and it should be connected to the Advanced Reviews module through an API key. The subscription to the ChatGPT service may cost you additional money.

The reviews section in your store can be more user-friendly and time-efficient with review sorting and filtering functionality.

Visitors can easily read the latest reviews to get the most recent opinions on the product. Alternatively, reviews can be sorted by rating to quickly read the 5-star or 1-star opinions.


Customers can also quickly access reviews with a specific rating on a product by clicking on the rating number. This is useful when a visitor wants to read 4- or 3-star reviews. Visitors can jump directly to reviews with such a rating, saving a lot of time scrolling through a large number of posts.

Features for Store Admins

Spam protection in Magento admin

Control the discussion on the product and protect your reviews from spam by managing user-generated opinions from admin.


Change the review status from Pending to Approved to publish the review or set it to Not Approved to mark irrelevant or spam reviews.

Encourage users to write reviews

Provide your products with a starting set of reviews and make it psychologically simpler for customers to share their opinions since they will not be the first to leave a review.


Our module offers the Autowrite Review functionality that uses artificial intelligence from OpenAI ChatGPT to provide you with a starting set of reviews on your products. The AI will analyze the product and provide a review with corresponding PROs and CONs.


User reviews have a major impact on sales, with even a few reviews increasing conversion rates by over 50%.

Despite the user reviews are so crucial in purchase decisions, default Magento offers limited capabilities for writing reviews and reading them. Customers have to make a lot of efforts to manually find relevant and informative reviews.

The Advanced Reviews module for Magento2 makes it simple to enhance review quality and quantity for a store. This tool offers customers reviews summary, highlights genuine buyer reviews, supports image attachments, and allows for structured feedback with pros and cons fields.

The module also enhances trustworthiness by displaying purchased product details, verified buyer status, and reviewer location, making reviews more relevant. For busy customers, it offers an AI-generated summary of reviews.

Leverage the functionality of the Advanced Reviews module to significantly enhance the effectiveness of user reviews in your online store, improving customer trust and boosting sales.

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