Sphinx Search Ultimate: Tangible Search Engine For Magento 2 Store!

Perfection #1: Incredibly relevant search results

Have you ever thought of increasing search results relevancy? You get it with Sphinx Search Ultimate basic features:

  • long tail search;
  • singular and plural form search;
  • stop words;
  • synonyms.

Let’s take a quick shot of each basic feature:

Long tail search feature allows your customers to search products using hyphens and slashes (- and /), if they need, and get the relevant results. It gets extremely important, when your store visitors search using some part of SKU or MPN. Most of these numbers can contain hyphens or slashes.

For instance, a customer enters the search box some product model specification: ‘MX/MN-1100’. The only result he or she gets the most relevant results including ‘MX/MN-1100’, ‘MX/MN*’, ‘MX*1100’ etc. variations of their query.

Singular and plural forms search feature gives your store customers a freedom of choice in word form searching for desired items. This is accessible due to built-in Stemming Engine. Sphinx Stemmer is a morphology preprocessor able to normalize the word form. Actually, normalizing is a simple thing and everyone uses it in everyday life without even noticing. But stemming is deep and powerful at once: this feature allows your visitors searching for any word form and getting relevant results.

For example, a customer may look for ‘cats meal’ or ‘cat meal’ or ‘catty meal’, and he/she gets relevant results containing all meal for cats!

Stop words support feature allows your customers get more relevant results due to removing from the query ‘unnecessary’ words, like ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘and’ etc. This simple action significantly improves the quality of results. Built-in Stop Words dictionary contains 665 words.

For instance, a customer enters the search box ‘a blue yoga jacket’. Admit that ‘a’ in this query is totally needless. Sphinx Search Ultimate in a split second recognizes and compares all words from the search phrase with the words from the Stop-dictionary. Then it literally cuts the unnecessary ones, if they match to the dictionary items, and gives a customer the results for the ‘blue yoga jacket’.

Synonyms support feature allows your shopper get relevant results even for search query synonyms. Built-in Synonyms Dictionary contains 60730 words. Sphinx using it, becomes almost an artificial intelligence!

For example, a visitor wants to buy a t-shirt. After he or she enters the search box ‘t-shirt’ Sphinx starts to seek for the synonyms. Therefore your customer will see the results for ‘t-shirt’, ‘t shirt’, ‘tee shirt’, ‘tee’ and any other related word, if you add it to the dictionary yourself!

Perfection #2: The highest search and indexing speed

One of the most annoying things in every online store is the low speed of the searching. Nothing should recall a customer from the intention to buy something in your shop! He or she must get the desired results immediately!

Sphinx Search Ultimate solves this issue and allows your visitors to view their search results in a split second! And regardless how many items your store contains, Sphinx will index and perform searching over 500 queries per second among 1,000,000 skus! Just imagine its power!

Thanks to Sphinx Search Ultimate you may get more and more satisfied returning customers!

Perfection #3: Search everywhere!

Perhaps you are used to search only within your product catalogue. But if you have a store blog or knowledge base, or other content on your website, you might be willing to include all of them in search index. Native search engine does not provide you with this feature.

Sphinx Search Ultimate allows your visitors get the relevant search results from any content type:

  • Catalog Categories
  • Catalog Attributes
  • CMS Pages
  • Wordpress Blog
  • Simple Press Forum
  • vBulletin Forum
  • Any custom types of content.

Moreover, Sphinx will show your customers the results for different properties:

  • category names
  • custom options
  • related content
  • associated products skus

Let your customers explore your store to a high standard with Sphinx Search Ultimate!

Perfection #4: No more mixed results!

The other common issue of online stores is mixed search results: your customers view products in stock and out of stock at once. I guess, any visitor on this stage may confuse and leave your shop!

Sphinx Search Ultimate allows you to display the most relevant results and push out of stock products to the end of the list. This simple action can easily draw your shoppers attention to the items you need and most probably increase your shop orders number!

Perfection #5: No more misspelling!

There is one common issue customers meet while performing searches in any online store: they misspell a lot. Regardless the reasons of visitors mistyping or misspelling, you may lose orders, if they will see empty search results. But this sad situation has the perfect solution – Sphinx Search Ultimate has 2 amazing features to fight mistyping and misspelling:

  1. Search Autocomplete: while your customer starts typing the first symbols of the query, the extension drops down a few most relevant tips of possible searches. This allows your visitor simply choose one of the suggestions and follow the link immediately without even finishing the query! Isn’t it the feature you were looking for? It solves the issue of mistyping just like that, and of course helps your shoppers to make their choice faster. For instance, the first symbols of the query are ‘jac’. Search Autocomplete will suggest the following options in the drop down box: ‘jacket’, ‘blue yoga jacket’, etc.
  2. Search Spell Correction: sometimes a customer knows what he/she wants, but doesn’t know how exactly it spells. That’s tough! But Sphinx engine has a feature of correcting misspells automatically! For example, your visitor misspelled and typed ‘jaccet’ instead of ‘jacket’. Search Spell Correction will automatically corrects the typo!

Moreover, those 2 features are totally built-in and do not require additional software or extensions to install!

Perfection #6: No more empty results!

The next disappointing thing for any store visitor is getting empty results, even if there are no available products he/she requested. The most probably a customer leaves your shop immediately after viewing empty results page. Now it’s frustrating for you! None smart and attractive 404 customized Page will solve this issue – customers want to seek and find right now and right there. The native search engine returns empty results, but this is quite slight solution for your store.

Sphinx Search Ultimate suggests you Fallback Search feature to provide your visitors with search results every time they are seeking for some items, but there are no products in stock. This works like that: Sphinx will search and let the seeker view the results for the part of the query!

For example, a visitor searches for ‘blue jacket’, but currently there are no available blue jackets in your store. In standard situation, your potential customer would get empty results, but Sphinx Fallback Search provides your shopper with the results for ‘jacket’, as this word is the part of the query. Everybody wins: a customer will consider buying another color jacket, you will probably get a new order!

Perfection #7: No more boring result pages!

Bored of the same old result pages design? Sphinx Search Ultimate can make your store customers experience more pleasant and even unexpected!

Landing Pages – is one of the most creative features of our extension. You are able to customize the result page for any search phrase!

For example, you could create the custom landing page for the query ‘camera’ and make an individual design related to cameras somehow. Therefore, every customer, seeking for cameras will be able to view this amazing page! The most probable result is increasing your cameras Conversion Rate!

Perfection #8: Switching search engines any time

Before, your store developer or administrator couldn’t choose and change search engines, therefore, you, as a store owner, couldn’t compare their performance results.

Now the game’s changing! Sphinx Search Ultimate allows you to switch between 3 search engine modes any time you wish! Moreover, you may measure the results of each engine, trying them one by one.

Simple, but intelligent and powerful opportunity!


Giving you a short summary, we can stand out 5 main benefits of using Sphinx Search Ultimate instead of native Magento 2 search engine:

  1. Driving more sales and orders due to high speed search and the most relevant results.
  2. Getting more chances to win more orders with Search Autocomplete and Search Spell Correction.
  3. Customizing search results with Landing pages and managing results appearance call store customers to action more frequently.
  4. No more additional software to perform Spell Correction, Autocomplete and using Stemming preprocessor.
  5. No more empty results with Fallback search feature!

So, if you ever wanted a Magento 2 store of your dream – grab Sphinx Search Ultimate without any doubt!

Oleksandr Drok

Head of Products at Mirasvit

Alex serves as the Head of Products at Mirasvit, where he formulates the vision for Mirasvit's extensions, carefully curates new features, and constructs the roadmap.