Mirasvit Last Updates - May 2024

May 2024 has passed, and summer is approaching. No matter the heat, our developers continue to update Mirasvit's modules. This month, the GPT AI assistant got a new logic model. Blog MX has new pages and now supports more canonical tags. Advanced SEO Suite also has new features regarding snippets and templates. Interested in details? Then, let's dive in!


🔥 Improvement: support of the GDPR extension v1.4

Our GDPR extension was recently updated to include the new Google Consent Mode v2. You and your affiliates must comply with the latest version of the GDPR policy because of personal data collection. Our Affiliate extension can now work with the latest 1.4 version of GDPR extension. Together, these modules ensure the legality of data collection from both sides.

GPT AI Assistant & Content Generator

🔥 Improvement: added support for the GPT-4o model

Recently, OpenAI released the GPT-4o model. It can process any text, audio, and video combination as an input prompt. The new model also responds more accurately and faster than before. Our GPT AI Assistant now supports this new AI model and can use all its features.

🔥 Improvement: choose the store to retrieve variables' values from

When you write prompts, you must use variables or detailed text to tell AI about a product you want to write about. Earlier, the Assistant used the default value of a variable. It didn’t differentiate between storeviews. Now, you can choose which store variables' values will be taken. With this feature, your prompt results will be more accurate.

🔥 Improvement: choose to remove or leave HTML tags in a prompt

You can select to remove HTML tags from the prompt automatically. This is useful when you use tags in your descriptions. Before, tags transferred to prompts automatically, and you had to delete them manually. Now, the Assistant can remove them.

Blog MX

🔥 Feature: the "All Posts" page

You can set up and customize the "All Posts" page with the new update. It will contain all existing posts from the blog for your visitors to browse through. This page can be customized differently for every storeview you have. A page like this is helpful for users who want to see what kind of content you post.

🔥 Feature: multistore blog

With this update, you can customize separate blog pages for different storeviews. You can set up different categories and blocks and change options independently. This feature will be most useful for merchants with a few storeviews to add uniqueness and character.

🔥 Improvement: Breeze theme support

Our Blog MX extension now supports the Breeze theme, so you can easily set up the blog using this theme.

🔥 Improvement: Canonical URL for Posts, Categories, Tags, and Authors

Now, you can create canonical tags for blog posts, categories, post tags, and authors. Canonical tags prevent content duplication and improve SEO.

Dynamic Categories

🔥 Improvement: message queue for product validation

Product validation on product saving now can use a message queue. It means the product-saving process will be faster on the admin's end.

Google Analytics 4 with GTM

🔥 Improvement: server-side tracking for admin orders

With the new update, you can track orders the admin places from the server side. Before, you could track only orders placed by the customers on the frontend.

Buy Together - Product Kits

🔥 Improvement: using tags in the kit frontend titles

Kit titles can now process tags like h3 titles and paragraphs. With those titles, you can highlight the necessary parts of the text to promote your kits better.

Advanced SEO Suite

🔥 Feature: rich snippet extender

This update allows you to extend snippets to add more information. For example, you can include information about return policy, refunds, etc. This information can interest potential customers who are searching for favorable shopping conditions.

🔥 Feature: duplicate SEO templates

Admins can now easily duplicate SEO templates. It is especially useful when you need to, for example, create several similar templates with different variables.

🔥 Feature: rich snippet product variants

Rich snippets can now showcase not only certain items but also specific variants. This feature is useful when you want to promote particularly popular product variants.

🔥 Feature: export cross-links

Before, you could import the cross-links into the shop to add them to the system. However, you can now export and save cross-links in bulk before big store changes. Cross-links are stored in a CSV file. With this feature, you can easily create backups and save working cross-links.


You can see all improvements, features, and bug fixes for yourself in the manuals for extensions and the changelog on the product page. You can see all our modules on the extension page. See you next month!

Anton Gurtovoi


Anton works as a content creator at Mirasvit. For the last 7 years, he constantly perfected his writing skills, diving into different topics and technics.
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