Mirasvit Last Updates - June 2024

Summer is here, but the heat won’t stop our developers from working. This month, many of our extensions got new features and even some interconnections. Blogs received built-in comments, SEO Templates and SEO Rewrites now use PageBuilder, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Read along and discover what June has in store.

Blog MX

🔥 Built-in comments for blogs

We added a built-in comment provider for our Blog MX Extension. Earlier, you could use only a Facebook comment provider. With this feature, you can allow registered customers and guests to leave comments on posts. Comments help entice engagement and build trust with your customers.

blog comments

In your admin panel, you can enable a new comment provider in Stores > Configuration > Mirasvit Extensions > Blog MX > Comments > Provider menu. Comments can be automatically published or wait for admin approval. You can also enable admin notifications to let them know about new comments.

🔥 Alternate hreflang tag for post page

Multilingual store view blogs can use the "hreflang" attribute. It will help search engines provide visitors with a version of the page in the language corresponding to their geolocation. This is especially useful for blogs with the same content in different languages.

You can enable the tag in Stores > Configuration > Mirasvit Extensions > Blog MX > Search Engine Optimization > Enable Link Rel="alternate" and hreflang.

🔥 Mark authors in meta-tags

You can now use the "author" meta tag in blog posts to signify the author. If the author has a filled-out page, they will be shown in the post. Visitors can see their photos, names, social media links, and small text about themselves.

Details like this boost visitors’ trust and help them sympathize with the author. They also affect Google’s evaluation of the website. Evaluation algorithms like YMYL and EAT rate websites as more trustworthy if they display real authors of the content. They, in turn, change your position in the search results.

🔥 Tag external links in posts as "nofollow"

We added an option to automatically tag all external links in blog posts as "nofollow". By doing this, you can prohibit the crawlers from following links from the text. This way, you can reduce the link weight and improve the page's SEO.

You can find it in your admin panel's Stores > Configuration > Mirasvit Extensions > Blog MX > Search Engine Optimization section.

You can read more about the module and follow its updates on the Blog MX Extension page.

Advanced SEO Suite

🔥 PageBuilder for SEO Templates and Rewrites

The SEO module now uses PageBuilder in SEO Templates and Rewrites rules. Earlier, admins could only write text for these descriptions.

pagebuilder in templates

With PageBuilder, they can change the layout of the pages and add blocks of content, images, etc. PageBuilder allows these descriptions to be made not only functional but also appealing to customers' eyes.

You can discover more features to boost your SEO on the SEO Extension page.

Google Analytics 4 with GTM

🔥 Source and medium dimensions for order tracking

The GTM extension can now use source and medium dimensions in the admin order tracking. These metrics will help you identify where the purchases are coming from. This information can be used in analytics to help you understand the efficiency of different selling channels.

The Google Analytics 4 with GTM Extension page can provide more information about the module.

🔥 New scroll mode to retain customers’ attention

With the new update, you can add a "Load more" button on the paginated pages. This new scroll mode can be used with classic numbered pagination and infinite scroll. It allows customers to extend the current page to load more items instead of redirecting to the next separate page. The "Load more" button retains visitors’ attention better than manual page switching.

new scrolling mode

You can enable it in the Stores > Configuration > Mirasvit Extensions > Ajax Pagination > General > Pagination Mode menu.

🔥 PageBuilder for involved brand descriptions

Earlier brand descriptions could only be represented by simple text. Now, you can use PageBuilder to rearrange the brand page, add content elements, and change the layout. A more involved brand page, created in the PageBuilder, catches the user’s eye more easily. An appealing brand page can entice visitors to buy products from the respective brand.

You can discover other functions and features of the module on the Layered Navigation Extension page

Advanced Reviews

🔥 Comments to boost customers’ engagement

Visitors can now leave comments under reviews. You can decide whether customers have to sign in to leave comments. The comments can be posted right away or only after an admin review. Engaging with other customers and sharing opinions boosts visitors' trust and interest rates. Open comments affect revenue and the number of returning customers.

You can switch them on and change any settings in the Stores > Configuration > Mirasvit Extensions > Comments section.

🔥 Notifications to keep admins posted

You can set up email notifications about pending reviews. This feature ensures that no review is forever forgotten in pending. Quick checks and review posting build trust with customers. Notifications can be enabled in the Stores > Configuration > Mirasvit Extensions > Comments > General Settings > Enable Admin Notifications menu.

The Advanced Reviews Extension page can tell you more about the features and updates of this module.

Reward Points and Loyalty Program

🔥 Reviews for bonus points

The Reward Program module can now use an event tied to the reviews from the Advanced Reviews module. This integration requires installing both modules. New events are available in the conditions and rules.

The number of written reviews or the action of writing one can be used to reward customers. This way, you can entice customers to engage with the shop more often and create a positive feedback loop. Techniques like this boost purchases and customers’ trust.

🔥 Mageworks One Step Checkout compatibility

If you install Mageworks One Step Checkout, you can allow customers to use their bonus points to get a discount at the checkout. This design promotes point usage and gives purchases more positive feedback. Customers will engage with the shop more, increasing your revenue.

On the Reward Points Extension and Loyalty Program page, you can discover more features to entice customers with bonuses.

Order Management

🔥 Apply coupons when editing orders

Admins can now apply coupons when editing orders. This way, you can discount loyal customers or apologize for potential troubles. Such practices improve customer service and boost customers’ trust in your shop. The option is under the Payment & Shipping Method section on the order page.

See what other features can help you organize your orders on the Order Management Extension page.


🔥 Custom info gathering for potential affiliates

You can add custom fields to fill out when a user signs up as an affiliate. These fields and their information will be visible in the customers’ accounts on the frontend. Both customers and admin can see and edit the details in the fields. You can make additional fields a text box, checkbox, radio box, or drop-down selection.

additional fields

With this feature, you can gather useful information from your affiliates for analytics. For example, you can ask affiliates to share social media links or specific information needed for statistics, like age or location. You can add them in the Stores > Configuration > Mirasvit Extensions > Affiliate > Account > Additional Fields block.

Discover more ways to affiliate customers with your store on the Affiliate Extension page.


For a detailed overview of all improvements, features, and bug fixes, please refer to the Manuals for Magento Extensions and the changelog on our products page. See you next month!

Anton Gurtovoi


Anton works as a content creator at Mirasvit. For the last 7 years, he constantly perfected his writing skills, diving into different topics and technics.
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