There are 5 essential facts about customer satisfaction and trust level importance:

  • Customers twice more often share their bad experience, than good one
  • You must work 12 times harder to cover 1 customer poor experience
  • New buyers cost your store 6-7 times more to acquire
  • The probability of selling to an existing customer is way more than to a new buyer
  • Loyal customers are 10 times more valuable, than their first purchase.

Fact 1: Customers twice more often share their bad experience, than good one

Pretend for a moment, you are not a store owner, but a customer.

You make several purchases in 3 different online shops. And everything is just OK with two of your orders, but the last one is a total disaster: wrong size, wrong color, damaged package and unfriendly support!

What will you do next? You won’t think about your successful purchases (that goes without saying – all stores should work like that, right?)

And of course, you will return the items bought in the problem store and then:

  • A: Forget about it (I give it 30-40%)
  • B: Share experience with friends and probably post it on Facebook, Instagram, other social networks.

    I give this option 60-70%!

    Everybody wants to protect his or her relatives and friends from money loss and time waste.

Fact 1. Customer Service Satisfaction

Now let’s get back to you as a store owner.

The takeaway from this situation is the only one – do your best to please unsatisfied customer!

There is always a chance of keeping him and avoiding any negative word of mouth.

If you succeed in addressing all customer’s need, one of the possible after-effects is satisfied buyer shares his/her poor experience, but the story has a happy-end! In this case your store is onto a good thing.

Fact 2: You must work 12 times harder to cover 1 customer poor experience

In other words, you need to satisfy 12 customers to cover 1 buyer bad feedback. Pretty much for one store, don’t you think?

Switch one more time to customer’s side, pretend you’ve got an unpleasant experience with some shop and didn’t like their service at all. You told your story to friends, like it’s previously said, and forget this incident after some time.

Fact 2. Customer Service Satisfaction

But now, let’s say, you are ‘wrong’ store owner and your customer experienced some issues your customer support team members weren’t able / didn’t want / couldn’t resolve. Therefore, your shop should win 12 customers loyalty to cover this awful mistake of customer support service!

To avoid such a sad situation, treat your customers respectfully, address their needs as your own ones to increase your customer satisfaction!

Fact 3: New buyers cost your store 6-7 times more to acquire

Common and still unbeatable fact!

Customers devotion can cost you a lot of money, in case you lose it some day…

To save your reputation, money and customer satisfaction you should:

  1. Acquire the right customers and treat them well from the very beginning
  2. Provide your store shoppers with excellent support and customer care
  3. Empower your support team with the right tools, information and authority to make decisions and act in the customer’s behalf.

Fact 3. Customer Service Satisfaction

These steps could seem you simple, but be cautious – there are a lot of big and little things to consider, like the following ones:

  • All customers are different – you can’t treat them all the same and expect them to be satisfactory
  • The more engaged your support team is, the more loyal and satisfied customers they will win for your store
  • Give your customers a possibility to express their opinion on your store freely, since not many unhappy buyers share their poor experience with you, but they will tell their friends.

Fact 4: The probability of selling to an existing customer is way more than to a new buyer

Existing customers are way more loyal to your brand and here comes the opportunity to sell them more, than the newcomers visiting your store for the first time.

This simple knowing gives you a huge spot of getting know better your store devoted buyers.

Fact 4. Customer Service Satisfaction

Shopify suggests to “start thinking personality” instead of “thinking brand” and reveals 3 common store owners myths about relations with loyal customers:

Myth Ugly Truth
Shoppers are willing to have relationship with your store and brand 77% aren’t. They keep relationships for friends and relatives
Increase interaction with a customer and that’s it! Many of your buyers can suffer from spammy information messages from you
Grow your customers engagement with your brand and increase their loyalty Loyalty may be increased through shared values only

So, try to know your loyal and satisfied customers better to sell them more.

Make them think you really care about and you’ll get more sales in return!

Fact 5: Loyal customers are 10 times more valuable, than their first purchase

Pretend the situation, a new buyer comes to your store and makes a purchase for $25. Not that much as you wanted from the newcomer? And you stick a label ‘One-time shopper’ for this buyer…

Perhaps, but let’s look at this situation from the outside.

This customer probably could have been directed to your store by some friend of him/her, as the friend had pretty satisfying experience while shopping in your store.

Got it?

Fact 5. Customer Service Satisfaction

This buyer came to your shop with open-hearted, since he’s got a recommendation from a close friend.

Maybe he just made his first sample order to make sure your store is exactly what he expected for.

And you filed him away in ‘One-time shoppers’ storage…

To avoid such situations follow these simple tips:

  • Acquire the most relevant target audience: they probably become the most loyal ones
  • Do not stick any labels on your shoppers
  • Do not value customers for their first purchase: even if it’s $25, he or she can probably make the next order for $2000!

Let’s practice!

Remember, I told you about providing your customers with excellent support and service?

Here’s the solution for your customer service team to make your customers satisfied and stick around your store for a long time: Magento 2 RMA extension (Return Merchandise Authorization) and Helpdesk extension!

Here’s 5 pros of RMA for your store customers and support team members:

  1. Even guest users are able to discuss and add comments to their requests (no need to login to user account to watch an RMA inquiry)

    Extremely useful feature to please all categories of customers! If your support team members are engaged enough, they will recognize one of the buyer types by the way they create RMA and communicate.

  2. Refund option is also available for store customers to their Store Credit Account

    These feature helps to raise customer loyalty: refunding on Magento 2 Store Credit Balance your support team member can add some complimentary bonus, for example.

    Therefore, buyer knows he has some money + extra bonus on his personal account and will shop again in your store!

  3. Your customers can create one RMA inquiry to return or exchange items from different orders!

    Great feature for customers making several orders at a time!

    For instance, buyer decided to make 3 orders – for him, for the relatives and a gift to a friend.

    But unfortunately, a jacket he bought for mother was wrong size, and the bag he ordered for personal use was damaged!

    Your customer now can create just 1 RMA request and combine a jacket and a bag from the 2 different orders!

    It saves buyers time and shows you care about him.

  4. Support team members can help customers any time in creating RMA order from the backend interface.

    This feature is useful in several common cases:

  • Your customer experiences some technical issues and can’t create RMA order right now. He or she can call and ask support team member to create it for him

  • Your customer has some kind of disability (visual, for instance) and needs help in creating RMA order

  • Your store is currently having some technical troubles, and your support team can accept all inquiries by the phone only

  1. Easy integration with Help Desk solution for further managing all RMAs in ticket system.

    Now you are able to use and integrate both of these modules!

    Help Desk MX + RMA is the perfect duo for growing customers loyalty and satisfaction.

    If you installed both those extensions, your customers can create support ticket any available ways (email, Contact tab, Store Account Interface etc) and your support manager has an option to convert this ticket into the RMA request by clicking the Convert to RMA.

    After converting to RMA inquiry all further emails, related to the ticket will be automatically forwarded to the RMA extension and all correspondence will be carried there.


RMA extension is a must-have extension if you want to:

  • Stay close to your customers, give them a hand any time they need and know their values
  • Personalize every RMA request and show you care about your store buyers
  • Raise the number of satisfied and loyal customers
  • Save pretty much on selling to returning buyers instead of acquiring the new ones
  • Give your customers better service and shopping experience to get good feedback.

The backend side is great either, since support team can:

  • easily create and manage RMA orders
  • personalize notifications for every customer
  • know your store buyers better and give them even more quality help
  • return more loyal customers.
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