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  1. 10 Best Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extensions

    Magento 2
    magento 2 one step checkout

    Checkout page is the one of the key parts of your e-commerce store. Your sales are directly dependent from its usability and convenience. Even the smallest shortcoming or error can significantly harm conversation rate.

    The most common way is to select so-called "onestepcheckout extension", which brings all order elements (such as shipping, billing addresses, shipping & payment methods, etc.) to the single page. It simplifies order placement and makes it much easier for a customer.

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  2. 5 great ways to improve your customer satisfaction

    Magento 2
    Customer Satisfaction

    There are 5 essential facts about customer satisfaction and trust level importance:

    • Customers twice more often share their bad experience, than good one
    • You must work 12 times harder to cover 1 customer poor experience
    • New buyers cost your store 6-7 times more to acquire
    • The probability of selling to an existing customer is way more than to a new buyer
    • Loyal customers are 10 times more valuable, than their first purchase.
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  3. 7 essential ways to improve your Magento 2 site speed [Updated]

    Magento 2
    7 essential ways to improve your Magento 2 site speed [Updated]

    The significance of site speed is impossible to underestimate - users are becoming more and more demanding, Google is penalizing websites with low page load speed.

    According to Radware research, 3 seconds download speed web page in comparison with 1 second download time web pages, has 22% views less, bounce rate higher by 50% and 22% less conversion. While 5 seconds web site (comparing to 1 second) 35% fewer views, 105% higher bounce rate, conversion 38% less.

    As you see – the faster your website downloads, the more money you get. Magento 2 stores have the specific list of actions for improving site speed you can take at the very start and we are going to share it with you.

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  4. 6 Essential Rich Snippets for Your Magento 2 Store

    SEO Magento 2
    6 Essential Rich Snippets for Your Magento 2 Store

    Rich Snippets aren’t google ranking factor and doesn’t allow directly improve links positions in SERP, but they allows greatly improve CTR (click-through rate) and traffic.

    Using Rich Snippet for e-commerce allows you to significantly increase the CTR in SERP and as a result attract more customers to your store.

    In Magento 2 only two of six key snippers are supported, and it is obviously not enough.

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  5. How to use Meta Templates in M2 SEO Suite

    SEO Magento 2

    SEO Meta templates are designed to automatically generate META information for catalog pages based on predefined rules.

    Meta Templates can be applied for following pages: Category page (product listing), Layered navigation pages and Product pages.

    It’s not a problem to manually fill meta information for few dozen products and categories. In other hand, if you have few thousand products it can be nightmare. Moreover you can’t configure meta tags for layered navigation pages, Magento 2 just doesn’t have such functionality.

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  6. How to turbocharge Magento 2 store with Google PageSpeed Module

    Administration Magento 2
    How to turbocharge Magento 2 store with Google PageSpeed Module

    During several years we have been studying and implementing various approaches to improve a speed of store server and frontend.

    For an online store, the most important aspect is the operation speed. And here, it is important not only how fast a server returns a page to a client (TTFB), but also, how quickly the client can download this page and all related resources (files js, css, images, fonts).

    The speed of operation is one of the most significant factors which affects the SERP ranking in search engines (Google, Bing etc). The faster a server generates the page and a client downloads it, the higher your store is in the search results at all the other things being equal.

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  7. Fast Mode In Search Autocomplete

    Extensions Magento 2
    Fast Mode In Search Autocomplete

    When a customer knows what he needs to buy, his first action is to find the product through a quick search. The presence of a quick drop-down menu with the found goods (auto-complete) allows him to find the right product quickly without leaving the search line. The customer has only to complement the search query with the necessary criteria and then he will see the result.

    Customers expect that search results will be shown instantly (they know experience of Google or Amazon search). But technically it is very hard to achieve such level of speed in Magento store. Every request to Magento needs to initiate magento core, which speed of initialization limits the speed of our search.

    To solve this problem and to greatly speed up Magento search, we have created and added a new feature to our search extensions. We named it the Fast Mode.

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  8. Magento 2 Cron job is not working. What should I do?

    Administration Magento 2
    Magento 2 Cron job is not working. What should I do?

    Unlike in Magento 1, cron performs critically important tasks in Magento 2. In the native installation there are 26 modules that use cron for 53 different jobs. You can get acquainted with the full list of modules below on the text.

    Practically, all reindex processes work in cron process. Newsletters, product alerts, page cache etc

    Moreover, most of the third-party extensions use cron and some extensions simply do not run if the cron is not configured or operates in the wrong way.

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  9. How we turned a Zendesk chat into our store powerful sales tool

    Tools & Frameworks Administration e-Commerce Tips Magento 2
    How we turned a Zendesk chat into our store powerful sales tool

    We suppose, no one needs a proof that communication with customers is decidedly important and that a quick response to a users’ questions strongly affects the conversion rate in any store. At present, it is not enough just to tell everything on the site pages - many of potential customers prefer to ask than to look for the necessary information on the store pages.

    Since the first days of mirasvit.com (since 2012), we have been actively used Zopim chat (now it is named Zendesk Chat). About a third part of our customers ask questions before placing their orders and as much ask after the purchase is completed.

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  10. How To Resolve 404 Error: Page Not Found in Magento 2

    Administration Magento 2
    How To Resolve 404 Error: Page Not Found in Magento 2

    404 errors occurs in all online stores. And it’s OK. New pages are added, old pages are removed. However, things go bad when the number of 404 errors becomes very high.

    First of all, although 404 errors do not directly impact a store ranking on SERP, they consume already limited crawl budget Crawl Budget. Thus, they bring you unnecessary losses.

    Secondly, the only fact of 404 errors presence negatively influences customers’ impression.

    Imagine the situation: any user visits your store and gets a page with 404 error. He/she does not obtain the required content and, consequently, starts hesitating. In most of cases, he/she does not keep searching for the information on your store but rather prefers not to make any purchase.

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