1. Always let your customers with too many options to contact you on the website. Don’t forget to mention your phone number over the web. You can take advantage of all the business opportunity without fail if you are providing different ways for the visitor to reach to. It will really boost your trustworthiness for the long term as well.

2. Ensure that you position your store logo on the upper-left corner of the store on your website, which the users can click so as to reach your homepage. It will greatly enhance your website’s functionality and the associated user experience.

3. Just below the website logo you should present a tagline mentioning the core products and services that you’re offering. Thus your visitors can get a clear picture right from the first time while they landed.

4. Just select a Magento theme which will provide your website a professional and allegiance appearance. Avoid so many funky themes with hard red or yellow, as they create a cheap impression on the minds of your visitors.

5. Always see that whether your website is good at functional and navigational or not. Never bother to add new elements like a rotating panel or a horizontal slider, it will nothing to do than to get the user confused. Keep everything clear and simple.

6. Do not forget to place the most significant product and service of your store that to your website homepage, associated with a clear call-to-action button on it.

7. Always think and ensure that your visitors always know where they are placed on your website. Whether it is a bug related to a product or something but should be very clear and concise.

8. Make use of the links in the way that they need to be used. Ensure to underline the links and don’t underline a simple text which does not contain any associated links.

9. Always consider the images with their related uses most significantly. A website with no product images is just useless for the customer, thus you should not do that type of mistake at any costs. Your website should provide high-quality desirable zoomable, images for the displayed products. Along with it you can add short and informational related videos as well.

10. Last but not the least makes your website attractive, readable and appealing to the customers. Don’t prefer text of high width get into your website, rather use columnar format to improve the readability and make use of the fonts which are clear.

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