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Absolutely free Magento extension development tailored to you!

Dear Friends!

We decided to launch a unique offer. We are ready to develop the extension you need for absolutely free.

Participation scheme is simple:

  1. You post on the forum a description of the requirements to turn into Magento extension.
  2. Along with other members of our forum, we’ll discuss your requirements, get them together and organize them.
  3. Each month, we’ll select the most interesting applications to develop extensions.
  4. Immediately after the selection, we will inform you which extensions will be developed and let you know the development time.
  5. All participants who helped in gathering requirements for these extensions, at the end of the development will get the extensions for ABSOLUTELY FREE. Our company reserves all rights to distribute and sell.

Requirements for applications for extension development:

  1. An extension should be interested to a wide range of Magento online stores
  2. An extension should not be present at Magento Connect or proposed alternative must be substantially different from the existing ones.

Do not hesitate and post requirements for your extension! We will be happy to help you!