What is Help Desk MX for Magento?

Help Desk MX ? is a customer care & support Magento extension, that allows you to provide a complete customer care service and excellent support attendance. With very reach set of features allowing every customer to submit support request in the most suitable manner.

What’s new? An extension offers the following features for customers:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

Allows customers to rate your support team responses. Customer also can add a message, a note to his rate. This feature helps a client to deliver his personal opinion on service quality to eStore owner. This feature is vital, especially if you are aiming to establish a long term relationship with your potential customers and to increase a stream of new clients.

An email with customer satisfaction survey and ticket history

  • Hidden ticket ID

You can set up a module and specify to display or hide a ticket number in the title of each email. If the number of the ticket will be displayed, then it will be easier for a user to find it. If the number of the ticket will be hidden, then every email your customer will be receiving from your support team will be looking more friendly and personalised.

An extension offers the following features for Support team:

  • Pre-defined Responses

You are able to create templates for the typical email responses. This feature will significantly speed up your support team work. Using templates you can set up and apply different variables (eg, customer name, order number

Pre defined responses

  • Custom Fields for tickets

You are able to create and add your own and new fields for the ticket. Those fields can be performed in different types: public and only for the internal usage.

  • Reports

Tickets reports, allow to analyse following data:
? New Tickets Number
? Solved Tickets Number
? Solved Tickets %
? Total Tickets Number
? 1st Reply Time
? 1st Resolution Time
? Full Resolution Time

Customer Satisfaction Reports, allow to analyse following data:
? Number of votes (Great/OK/Bad)
? Total Responses Number
? Satisfaction Score
? Response Rate

All reports allowing you to analyze the information as a whole and in particularly (by certain eStore department or by every member of support team etc. Reports also include graphics which allows you to analyze the dynamic of changes in a very convenient way.

 Help Desk MX for Magento

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