Today in our post we’re considering the features which the Magento Search lacks. There are some “must have’s” among them. All the efforts to find a right product without such features are wound down.

Perhaps it is not too much to say about how much the default Magento Search is good, and how much it is bad. When it comes to big product databases searches, it is a real travesty story.

So what the default Magento Search lacks (it must be admitted that it is a default one)

  • Suggest – suggesting search results
  • Autocomplete – adding of hint search as Google. Although it should be noted that this function already exists, albeit in a messed up way
  • Ranking the results based on the experience of other users
  • Ranking based on user attributes (in case you need to raise part of the goods in search)

The sterling Magento Advanced Search must have the following features

  • Ranking of the results. Unfortunately such a high-professional platform as Magento, doesn’t have ranking by significance of an attribute. And the goods with a search phrase in the title or in the description have the equal search position.
  • Taking into account the morphology
  • Validation of inputs (spell-correction) According to statistics 15% of queries contain errors, and about 30% are accurate queries (i.e., name of product)

From the above I venture to conclude that a proper Magento Advanced Search extension can significantly improve the quality of product search, and as a result raise sales amount. Be careful with your customers, don’t let them leave your online store empty-handed, provide the best service you can!

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