Help Desk MX has a lot to offer its owners, in order to help optimize working processes. All you need is to explore certain features and make them work for you. Therefore, you will be able to take full control of your ticket inflow and save some extra time as you automate a variety of related tasks. Right from the time a ticket comes in, gets assigned, goes into pending and finally gets resolved, you need to take a lot of manual repetitive actions; why not to use our brilliant feature Workflow Rules?. You can reach support efficiency only when the repetitive tasks in this process are predefined to function without any manual work.

Today we are going to highlight some insights on workflow management. So, let's discover more about a very valuable feature through an example and see how it can help you to save some time.

What can I do with Workflow Rules?

Rules help deskThe Workflow Rules feature allows you to monitor your help desk tickets and when they meet certain requirements that you set, the Rule starts the action. You can automatically assign any ticket to your best staff members or to a certain department, so they can provide the best service to your customers and get the job done. Auto-set a ticket's status to ‘In Progress’ after the first reply of a support team member, notify all department members when a new ticket is created, send a reminder to the ticket owner if there is no reply during 3 days, etc.

This feature enables you to create your own business rules in order to automatically process tickets when a ticket is created, updated or periodically run by cron. This feature can be applied in various conditions.

Real Life Examples

Let's explore some examples of useful help desk rules for an online store. You can test all described workflow rules directly in the Magento backend of our Help Desk demo site.

Rule ‘Notify Staff of Ownership Change’

By default, Help Desk MX sends notification to help desk staff only when a new ticket is created or a customer has sent a new reply. For example, you would like to notify your help desk staff members each time a new ticket is assigned to him/her. To solve this task, we can create a Rule with the following params:

Rule Name Notify Staff of Ownership Change
Event Ticket assigned to staff (so the rule will fire only if the ticket owner is changed)
Condition User (before change) is not (not set) (it's a somewhat tricky condition, but implies that the rule will fire only for tickets which have owners)
Send email to ticket owner Yes
Email Subject Ticket {{var}} has been assigned to you (we use a variable in the subject)
Email Body A new ticket has been assigned to you. (of course you can get more ticket information in the email body)

Rule ‘Close ticket if customer does not answer for 30 days’

Very often, customers don’t reply back to tickets and don’t close them. So, it is very useful to have a simple way to auto-close old tickets and notify customers. We can simply solve this task with the following Rule.

Rule Name Close ticket if customer does not answer for 30 days
Event Check every hour (we check by cron all tickets and close those where conditions are true)
Last Reply By is Staff (we close only tickets where last replier is our team)
Hours since Last reply is equal to or greater than 720 (we close only tickets which have not received a reply during last 30 days (or 720 hours)
Status is not Closed (rule can be applied only for not closed tickets)
Send email to customer Yes
Set Status Closed
Move to Archive Yes (we would like to archive closed tickets)
Send email to customer Yes
Email subject Ticket {{var}} has been auto closed
Email body Ticket {{var}} has been auto closed. Please, reply to this message if you have any further questions.

Rule ‘Notify if ticket has not been answered for 3 days’

Quite often support teams forget to reply to a ticket; therefore, using the Workflow Rules feature is a good deal to remind them about this. The simplest solution is to set up a notification rule.

Rule Name Notify if ticket has not been answered for 3 days
Event Check every hour (so we check all tickets by cron and find those where the conditions are true)
Last Reply By is Customer
Hours since Last reply is equal to or greater than 72 (we send reminders for tickets haven't received a reply during the last 3 days (or 72 hours)
Tags does not contain rule_reminder (we use a tag to send a reminder only once)
Send email to the ticket owner Yes
Set Status Open
Set Priority High
Add Tags rule_reminder (we mark the ticket with a flag, so we will not send this reminder again)
Send email to customer Yes
Email subject Ticket {{var}} is waiting for your reply
Email body Ticket {{var}} is waiting for your reply. Please, reply to the customer ASAP.

Please, add comments and describe your use cases of Help Desk Workflow rules.

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