Menu Manager Pro

Menu Manager Pro

Improves navigation in your store considerably and increases conversion. Now you will not be constrained within the frameworks of the tree structure of your catalog categories. You can arrange the menu so that your buyer can find the category, brand or page necessary for him quickly. Just look at the demo version and see how is it cool!

Advanced SEO Suite

Advanced SEO SuiteAllows you to optimize categories and products of your store on different key phrases. Complements the store functions that are necessary for every Magento store for a successful SEO-promotion (SEO friendly URLs, Sanonical Links and many others). Significantly improves the performance of your store in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc).

Banner Management System

Banner Management SystemAllows you to create an unlimited number of banners, manage their layout, customize the display for specific groups of users, control performance indicators of banners using the reporting system. 3 different types of slider banners are coming with the extension. Take a look at the demo version of this unique extension.

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