How a Magento store with Hyva can install Mirasvit extensions

When you implement a Hyvä frontend theme in your Magento store obviously you would want to keep using all the Magento extensions you've already purchased. Extensions that work in the store backend typically work as is; however extensions in the store frontend require some attention.

If Magento module is used in the frontent basically you have two options. Either find an extension that was rewritten specifically for Hyvä, or use a compatibility module. You can continue using your purchased Mirasvit extensions with Hyvä using compatibility modules, and here is how you can install them.

Why Magento store becomes fast with Hyvä theme

Hyvä theme can be called a whole new world for Magento. It offers a beautiful design layout simultaneously with blazingly fast page loading speed. Google’s PageSpeed Insights gives it a 97 out of 100 score for performance:

The default Magento Luma uses a lot of libraries, such as LESS, RequireJS, jQuery, Knockout.js. This results in loading approximately 3.6 MB of resources via more than 240 requests.

High performance of Hyvä was achieved by replacing libraries used by Luma only with TailwindCSS and Alpine.js. Requiring less than two dozen of requests to load less than a megabyte of resources.

A fresh Hyva store loads its pages in less than two seconds - this is exactly the threshold Google accepts. The overall page loading time of a fresh Magento store with Luma theme reaches up to 14 seconds. No wonder Google PageSpeed Insights gives poor performance scores to Luma:

What is a Hyvä compatibility module

Since Hyva requires a different set of libraries modules written for Luma theme may not work. Luckily, Hyva offers a solution for existing Luma-based Magento extensions - a Hyvä compatibility module.

A compatibility module is an extension that re-implements the code of the Luma-based module that doesn’t work out of the box in a Hyvä frontend. Each Luma-based extension requires an individual compatibility module to work with Hyvä.

For example here is a Luma-based template for the footer section of the blog page for module BlogMX:

<?php if ($isDisplay): ?>
<ul class="footer links">
        <a href="<?= $link ?>" class="footer links"><?= $name ?></a>
<?php endif; ?>

And here is how the template of page footer of BlogMX module is adapted to Hyva:

<?php if ($isDisplay): ?>
<div class="md:w-1/4 w-full flex flex-wrap pr-4">
    <h4 class="text-md leading-5 font-semibold tracking-wider uppercase">
        <a href="<?= $link ?>" class="footer links"><?= $name ?></a>
<?php endif; ?>

When a compatibility module is required

Typically, Magento modules that operate only in store backend do not require compatibility module. Adaptation to Hyva is required for modules that operate in store frontend.

Hyvä community has created a tool to overview the status of Magento extensions regarding the compatibility with this theme. Visit Hyvä Compatibility Module Tracker as a first source of information on the availability of compatibility modules for the extensions you need.

Keep in mind this tracker is not a full final list. So additionally visit the developer's store for the extensions you are interested in to get the information on compatibility with Hyva.

How to install Mirasvit extensions if your store uses Hyva

When your store moves to Hyvä you can continue using your already purchased Mirasvit Magento modules with no additional expenses. Mirasvit provides Hyva compatibility module for free for all its clients with active license.

In order to keep using Mirasvit extension in store with Hyva frontend you need to install the extension. Then you have to install its compatibility module using commands listed for it below.

Note: After installing the Hyva compatibility module execute commands for:

  • Updating the Magento database schema and data:

bin/magento setup:upgrade

  • Compiling the code of the installed extension:

bin/magento setup:di:compile

  • Cleaning the Magento cache:

bin/magento cache:flush

How to install Magento 2 Elasticsearch for Hyvä

The Elasticsearch extension provides a multifunctional in-store search system. It returns relevant results within milliseconds, offers search query autocomplete, automatically corrects typing errors. Additionally, it searches across multiple content types.

Here is how the Elasticsearch looks with Luma theme:

And here is this extension with Hyva:

Install the Elasticsearch for Hyva using the commands:

composer config repositories.hyva-themes/magento2-mirasvit-search-autocomplete git [email protected]:hyva-themes/hyva-compat/magento2-mirasvit-search-autocomplete.git
composer require hyva-themes/magento2-mirasvit-search-autocomplete
bin/magento module:enable Hyva_MirasvitSearchAutocomplete

See the full installation and configuration manual on Elasticsearch.

How to install Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension for Hyvä

The Layered Navigation module improves the store usability by adding smart navigation, structured and SEO-friendly URLs, filters of multiple selection, showing similar products by their attributes, etc.

Here is how the extension works with Luma theme:

The looks of the Layered Navigation with Hyva theme:

Compare with the default Magento navigation to see the benefits of using Layered Navigation:

Install the Layered Navigation for Hyva using the commands:

composer require mirasvit/module-navigation-hyva:*
bin/magento module:enable Hyva_MirasvitLayeredNavigation Hyva_MirasvitAllProducts Hyva_MirasvitBrand Hyva_MirasvitQuickNavigation Hyva_MirasvitScroll Hyva_CompatModuleFallback

Check the full installation manual on Layered Navigation.

To get all features of the Layered Navigation extension fully working on Hyva some manual customizations may be required.

How to install Google Tag Manager for Hyvä

Google Tag Manager is an extension that simplifies using Google Tag Manager service in Magento store. The Google Tag Manager service is required for using eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics.

Since this extension gathers data on visitor behavior in frontend it requires a compatibility module. Install it via commands:

composer require mirasvit/module-gtm-hyva:*
bin/magento module:enable Hyva_MirasvitGoogleTagManager

Here is a demonstration of GTM debug panel in Luma frontend:

The GTM debug panel is also available in Hyva frontend:

Get more information on installation in manual on Google Tag Manager module. Additionally see the step by step guide on how to connect your Magento store to Google Tag Manager service using the Google Tag Manager extension.

How to install Advanced SEO Suite for Hyvä

The SEO Extension simplifies configuration of every SEO-related feature in a Magento store. It provides a SEO Toolbar in frontend that shows SEO data for every page you want to make a search engine optimization. In addition to manual audit it makes a daily automated SEO health report.

Install the SEO extension Hyva compatibility module with commands:

composer config repositories.hyva-themes/magento2-mirasvit-seo git [email protected]/hyva-themes/hyva-compat/magento2-mirasvit-seo.git
composer require hyva-themes/magento2-mirasvit-seo
bin/magento module:enable Hyva_MirasvitSeo

Here is how SEO Toolbar looks in the Luma frontend:

This SEO Toolbar has similar looks in the Hyva frontend:

Get full information on module configuration in manual on Advanced SEO Suite module.

How to install Sphinx Search Ultimate for Hyvä

The Sphinx Search Ultimate extension improves in-store product search by making it ultra-fast. It also corrects typing errors, supports searching on multiple content types and languages. Additionally, it allows using stopwords and synonyms for search.

Here is the enhanced search example on Luma theme:

Similar search on Hyva theme looks like this:

Install Sphinx Search Ultimate extension via the following commands:

composer config repositories.hyva-themes/magento2-mirasvit-search-autocomplete git [email protected]:hyva-themes/hyva-compat/magento2-mirasvit-search-autocomplete.git
composer require hyva-themes/magento2-mirasvit-search-autocomplete
bin/magento module:enable Hyva_MirasvitSearchAutocomplete

See full user guide on module configuration in manual on Sphinx Search Ultimate module.

How to install Blog MX for Hyvä

Blog is a powerful tool to attract new customers, and Blog MX extension is a simple way to get the blog in a Magento store. It is a fully featured blogging suite that will help you boosting your store's search rankings and driving organic traffic to your store.

Here is the main blog page example on Luma theme:

Blog home page on Hyva theme:

Install Blog MX extension via the following commands:

composer require mirasvit/module-blog-mx-hyva:*
bin/magento module:enable Hyva_MirasvitBlogMx

Check how to configure the module in manual on Blog MX.

How to install Automatic Related Products for Hyvä

Sell more by showing related, cross-sell and up-sell products that a shopper might be interested in. With Automatic Related Products extension customers may discover products with better value for them or products that complement their current purchase.

Here is the block of related items looks on Luma theme:

Block of related products on Hyva theme:

Install Automatic Related Products extension via the following commands:

composer config repositories.hyva-themes/magento2-mirasvit-related git [email protected]:hyva-themes/hyva-compat/magento2-mirasvit-related.git
composer require hyva-themes/magento2-mirasvit-related:*
bin/magento module:enable Hyva_MirasvitRelated

See the module configuration process in manual on Automatic Related Products.

How to install GDPR for Hyvä

With the GDPR module your store can quickly become compatible with such legislations as GDPR (General Data Protection) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act).

The GDPR popup window on the frontend looks on Luma theme like this:

On Hyva theme this popup has similar looks:

Install GDPR extension using commands:

composer config repositories.hyva-themes/magento2-mirasvit-gdpr git [email protected]:hyva-themes/hyva-compat/magento2-mirasvit-gdpr.git
composer require hyva-themes/magento2-mirasvit-gdpr
bin/magento module:enable Hyva_MirasvitGdpr

Learn details on the module configuration process in manual on GDPR extension.

How to install Help Desk MX for Hyvä

The Help Desk MX module automates the support workflow in a store. Customer inquiries, emails, and chats become available through a convenient ticket system in Magento admin.

The list of tickets issued by customer looks like this on Luma theme :

This ticket list on Hyva theme looks like following:

Install Help Desk MX extension using commands:

composer config repositories.hyva-themes/magento2-mirasvit-helpdesk git [email protected]:hyva-themes/hyva-compat/magento2-mirasvit-helpdesk.git
composer require hyva-themes/magento2-mirasvit-helpdesk
bin/magento module:enable Hyva_MirasvitHelpdesk

Check the full module configuration process in manual on Help Desk MX extension.

How to install Affiliate for Hyvä

An affiliate program is a proven way to increase sales. Affiliate module will help you easily launch up to four types of affiliate programs in your Magento store.

The Affiliate transaction history on Luma theme looks like this:

On Hyva frontend this page offers identical information:

Install Affiliate extension using commands:

composer config repositories.hyva-themes/magento2-mirasvit-affiliate git [email protected]:hyva-themes/hyva-compat/magento2-mirasvit-affiliate.git
composer require hyva-themes/magento2-mirasvit-affiliate
bin/magento module:enable Hyva_MirasvitAffiliate

Check the configuration process in manual on Affiliate module.

Extensions that require no Hyvä compatibility module

Some Mirasvit extensions work solely in the store backend, requiring no compatibility module. Install them as usual in Magento to get their functionality.

Here is the list of Mirasvit modules that can be used with Hyva as is:

  • Advanced Product Feeds. Advanced Product Feeds is a tool to increase sales by promoting products on global and local online marketplaces, like Google Shopping, Kelko, Heureca, etc.
  • Advanced Reports. Advanced Reports provides analytics that goes way beyond the default Magento dashboard capabilities. In addition to over 20 reports it replaces your admin panel's standard dashboard with a more informative custom one.
  • Full Page Cache Warmer. Increases page loading speed, which directly relates to conversion and revenue. It automatically monitors cache to always keep the latest page version in the cache.
  • Follow Up Email. It automates your email marketing. Create email templates and the extension will send individually adjusted letters by schedule.
  • Order Management. This extension speeds up the work on every order and reduces the number of errors. Customer service in a store becomes faster and of higher quality.
  • Dynamic Categories. It simplifies product management by automatically placing goods to product categories they belong to. Product category is updated according to your set of rules.
  • GeoIP Redirect. Use it to adapt your store to the customer. This module automatically switches currency, language, appearance according the country the customer comes from.
  • Inventory Planner. It helps to optimize store finances by showing how many items need to be restocked, what items are overstocked.
  • Extended Shopping Cart Rules. It helps to reduce abandoned cart rate by offering customers discounts or promoted goods based on the products in their shopping cart.
  • Product Mass Action. It speeds up the product management routine by allowing product updates in bulk.
  • Improved Asynchronous Reindexing. This extension helps in keeping the product data fresh. It presents all store database indexes on one admin panel and automatically updates indexes.
  • Customer Segmentation Suite. Split your customers into groups for better marketing results. Customers are placed into a specific group automatically according to the rules.
  • Fraud Detector. The algorithm of the extension shows how each order is risky for a store. The higher the score, the higher probability for the order to be fraudulent.
  • Shipping Table Rates. It fairly adjusts shipping costs according to a set of rules, for example, customer's location or cart attributes.
  • Admin Bookmarks. It speeds up the store manager's by providing quick links to the pages in Magento admin. Manager will be able to jump to required admin page in one click.


Hyvä theme gives a Magento store a fast frontend by replacing Magento’s JavaScript and CSS with its own code based on AlpineJS and Tailwind CSS. Due to this some Magento modules that were written for the default Magento Luma theme cannot be used out of the box.

Luma-based modules that interact with the store frontend require a compatibility module. It can be offered by the module developer or by the Hyvä community on Hyvä Compatibility Module Tracker.

When deploying the Hyvä theme a store owner can continue using Mirasvit extensions he purchased. Mirasvit offers Hyvä compatibility modules for its extensions without any additional charge.

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